Does Mat Pilates Increase Fitness?

Does mat pilates increase fitness?

What is fitness?

Traditionally, we’ve considered fitness in terms of physical attributes like cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Yet, our understanding of fitness is evolving as we recognize that the ultimate goal for many isn’t just being fit, but rather enjoying a high quality of life and maintaining movement capability as we age.

The focus is shifting towards developing both physical and mental resilience, equipping people to navigate life’s challenges effectively. This notion of resilience varies from person to person; a triathlete’s needs differ from people at the beginning of their fitness journey.

Pilates, particularly the traditional mat program developed by Joseph Pilates in his book “Return To Life” isn’t merely a series of exercises; it’s a pathway to building resilience for life. Through consistent practice, your movement capability will increase as you get older, rather than the opposite.

Pilates is a skill, demanding time and dedication to master proper technique. However, once learned, it becomes a portable life skill accessible anytime, anywhere. And you are never too old to start a pilates journey.

And what a rewarding journey it is! There is enormous satisfaction in achieving mastery of any of the traditional mat pilates exercises, not to mention the benefits that come along with this mastery.   

Back to the question of will mat pilates increase my fitness? Absolutely it will! But like any other fitness activity, the results you achieve come down to consistency, perseverance and commitment to a healthier and higher quality of life.

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