What Is Mat Pilates? And Why You Should Do It!

Mat Pilates

In recent years, the popularity of Pilates has soared, becoming a staple in the fitness world. Yet, amidst the craze for reformer beds, many miss out on the transformative power of pilates mat work—the very heart of Joseph Pilates’ vision.

Joseph Pilates believed every person in the civilized world should have access to his work and all the amazing benefits you get from it.

He wrote two books, Your Health and Return to Life through Contrology which are immensely inspiring and motivating. He was a true wellness warrior, with a mission to change humanity thorough health and fitness… which is fully aligned with the Pilates Plus mission of Keeping People Fit and Active Forever.

When you think about it, he created an entire exercise method both with and without equipment, over 100 years ago when the health and fitness “industry” didn’t exist! He was a genius well ahead of his time.

He also realised that to get his exercise method to be used globally, people needed access to it at no cost and without having to leave their home.

So, he created a set of 34 exercises that did not require any equipment and could be performed anywhere at any time.

And the PILATES MAT WORKOUT was created.

To master this workout exactly as Joseph outlined in his book is considered the pinnacle of pilates practice and can take many years to develop sufficient strength, mobility and understanding of the movement principles. 

Like any exercise method, you need to start at the beginning, learn the foundations and be consistent with your practice over a period of time.

Once you have developed pilates mat core strength, you’ve also developed movement skills that are functional and will enable you to do daily tasks with ease and reduced risk of injury.

As we age, one of the biggest physical challenges that could potentially develop is a reduction in mobility and with that a lose of independence. 

Nobody wants to lose the capacity to get out of a chair, get in to a car, get up and down stairs or just walk down to the shops without a walking aid.

Taking the time and effort to learn the highly valuable skill of pilates mat exercises should be the foundation of any health and fitness program.    

A little daily practice of pilates mat exercises…just 15 minutes a day is an insurance policy for your future quality of life.

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