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Daniela Overcomes Back Pain

Pilates Cheltenham

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Pilates Cheltenham


Semi Private Pilates near Highett

Semi Private Pilates

Pilates For Injury Rehabilitation, Lengthening and Strengthening Your Spine, Pre & Post Natal and to learn the fundamentals of the Pilates Method. Great for All Experience Levels.

Online Pilates near Highett

Online Pilates Classes

With our online Pilates classes, we're bringing accessible fitness to everyone in Highett, Cheltenham, Hampton, and beyond. Don't let being indoors stop you from being healthy... sign up for your first virtual Pilates class today!

Early Bird Mat Pilates

Get relief from your discomfort, aches, and pains through our Mat Pilates program. Our team at Pilates Plus Fitness Studio uses proven techniques for relive pain AND give you more core strength. Join us in Highett and see how our professional staff can help you move better.

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We are dedicated to helping you reach your core strength fitness goals in a friendly, relaxed environment. Through our high standard of Pilates programs, we help you live a healthier and happier life! Anyone can do Pilates, even people starting or getting back to fitness after injury. Our programs develop your functional, dynamic strength. And we cater to your specific goals - whether it’s relieving back pain, or even improving your golf swing! Request more information today and learn how a Pilates program can help you reach your maximum potential!

Pilates Cheltenham
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Injury Rehab & Prevention in Highett - Pilates Plus Fitness Studio

Injury Rehab & Prevention

Being in pain sucks! It affects every aspect of your life including quality of sleep, your state of mind and being able to do your daily life. Pilates is the secret for staying young, active and pain free to enjoy all your daily and sporting activities. We specialise in designing programs that will help you overcome recent or long standing injury in a supportive and friendly environment.

Flexibility & Mobility in Highett - Pilates Plus Fitness Studio

Flexibility & Mobility

Stiff joints and tight muscles can cause injury and age your body, potentially leading to degeneration and loss of flexibility in your spine. Pilates will keep your joints healthy, muscles long and enable you to do simple daily tasks with ease for the entire duration of your life. Staying flexible is a key component to maintaining your lifestyle as you age.

Core Strength in Highett - Pilates Plus Fitness Studio

Core Strength

If your goal is to stay strong and capable as you age, then Pilates core strength is for you. Pilates is known as the best way to develop core strength and flatten the abs. It will tone and strengthen your entire body, creating core strength fitness that gives you energy and vitality for daily activities and will push your sporting performance to levels you've never experienced before.

Posture in Highett - Pilates Plus Fitness Studio


Poor posture can make you lose confidence and not feel good about yourself. It can also create pain and discomfort, stiffness and tightness and potentially cause injury and issues that age your body. Our programs are individually designed to correct your specific postural issues and get you standing taller with a long, strong and healthy spine.

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