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We are dedicated to helping you reach your core strength fitness goals in a friendly, relaxed environment. Through our high standard of Pilates programs, we help you live a healthier and happier life! Anyone can do Pilates, even people starting or getting back to fitness after injury. Our programs develop your functional, dynamic strength. And we cater to your specific goals - whether it’s relieving back pain, or even improving your golf swing! Request more information today and learn how a Pilates program can help you reach your maximum potential!

Our programs develop your functional, dynamic strength. And we cater to your specific goals - whether it’s relieving back pain, or even improving your golf swing! Call us today and learn how a Pilates program can help you reach your maximum potential!

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I have been attending two sessions a week at Pilates Plus Highett since March 2020. Having never previously tried pilates, I thought it may be a good way to relieve the neck and shoulder issues I have suffered as a result of many years in a sedentary office job.  

The benefits were felt immediately, with a decrease in neck and shoulder pain to subsequently no pain at all.  I could see a major correction to my posture as well as feeling stronger overall.

The instructors at Pilates Plus Highett are friendly, attentive and make the classes very enjoyable whilst also working towards achieving my goals of strength and improved posture.

I love attending my twice weekly sessions and highly recommend Pilates Plus Highett to anyone who may be thinking of taking up pilates.

Semi Private Pilates near Highett

Kerrie Gets Rid of Neck Pain!

I joined Pilates Plus in 2018, attending 2 studio classes a week or a combination of mat and studio classes each week. Before joining the studio, I had tried occasional classes at some other studios and at home but couldn’t make it part of my weekly routine as I just didn’t enjoy it as much or didn’t have enough motivation. Pilates Plus has changed all that and I am very grateful to the team for this. I know a lot of people understand they need to exercise regularly but just don’t do it without a particular reason. Since I joined the studio, Pilates is part of my life and I enjoy doing it.

I’ve been working in an office and have had to spend 7-8 hours every day in front of a computer for the last 20 years. It affected my posture, I constantly had pain in my back and in my right shoulder so I couldn’t even sleep properly. I had regular massages, occasionally I was going to an osteopath and had been taking some medication to release the pain. I don’t have to do any of this now (except for massages as I just love them) because my body is strong and I don’t have any pain anymore.

What is beautiful about this studio is that you feel that it is easy to do, you enjoy it and the 60 minutes fly by. The instructors are very friendly and supportive, but at the same they are very experienced and know their stuff and very quickly you start feeling the difference. The guys always make sure that your technique is correct so you get the most out of each class. They teach you to use the muscles you never knew existed which takes the pressure from overworked muscles. In studio classes, they address your individual issues and eventually you get the result you wanted. I remember after a few months of doing pilates, I started feeling a strong belt of muscles around my back which supported my posture. I couldn’t believe it was possible. Or, I literally started feeling how my stronger legs were taking away pressure from my lower back. It was a great feeling.

As I said before, I am very grateful to the Pilates Plus team for this change in my life. For taking away the pain in my back and making pilates my lifestyle.

Semi Private Pilates near Highett

Natalia Now Loves Exercise!

I discovered Pilates about 2.5 years ago, my exercise regime in my 50s had pretty much dropped away altogether, including running and gym sessions. I was wanting to focus on stretching, flexibility and strength as I grew older - especially as my work is pretty sedentary. I went along to Pilates Plus with pretty much zero Pilates knowledge, and have regularly attended every week for one or 2 sessions since, apart from lockdowns :( It doesn't matter whether you are a complete novice, or an expert. What your fitness level is. What your age is. The team led by Loretta are terrific at guiding and encouraging you. Much kudos to my Wednesday teacher Michelle. I might curse once or twice during the class, but I always walk away feeling great!
Semi Private Pilates near Highett

David Feels Great with Pilates

Daniela Overcomes Back Pain

Merryn overcomes back pain

Pilates Plus has changed my life. From being very unfit, I now have boundless energy and am enjoying how strong and flexible my body has become. I really enjoy the variety of classes on offer and the way the instructors mix up the exercises so it never becomes boring. This year I will spend my 70th birthday walking 750 kms through Portugal and Spain - something I could never have dreamed of doing before commencing this Pilates journey.

Semi Private Pilates near Highett


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