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We are dedicated to helping you reach your core strength fitness goals in a friendly, relaxed environment. Through our high standard of Pilates programs, we help you live a healthier and happier life! Anyone can do Pilates, even people starting or getting back to fitness after injury. Our programs develop your functional, dynamic strength. And we cater to your specific goals - whether it’s relieving back pain, or even improving your golf swing! Request more information today and learn how a Pilates program can help you reach your maximum potential!

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Daniela Overcomes Back Pain

Merryn overcomes back pain

I have been doing the morning online classes ever since the beginning of lockdown in Melbourne.

I love the morning stretch and i feel it really wakes me & sets me up for the day. I suffer from shoulder and back pain from office work and it really helps. The online classes are so easy and flexible i can easily fit it around my busy schedule. No need to travel, get stuck in traffic. I can just jump out of bed 10mins before if i like.

Semi Private Pilates near Highett


I’ve been doing the early morning classes since the beginning of my journey @ PP. When the classes jumped online during lock down, I jumped onboard immediately. My work schedule and load actually increased during the pandemic. Doing the classes online saves me valuable travel time but I really don’t lose out on any of the individual attention of the face to face classes - Pete watches us like a hawk 😁

I love the early morning classes to get me stretched out and ready to attack the day! I work odd hours, so committing to classes in the afternoon is a no-go for me - been there done that! Sitting in rush-hour traffic, stressing about making it to class on time?!! No more 😍

I’m done by 7:30am and feel great!!! Thank you PP Team!! You’ve most definitely changed my life! Xxxx

Semi Private Pilates near Highett


After seeing a holiday video of myself walking on a bridge I was shocked that I was leaning forward and not walking with a straighter back. Also over the years I changed my footwear gradually to lower heel styles as I found I couldn’t stand for long periods of time in heels anymore. So instead of fixing the cause I just adjusted to the conditions without realising it until I saw that wake up video. While attending bootcamps on a regular basis it became obvious that working out hard wasn’t doing anything for my posture, core strength and feet so I decided to be kinder to myself and move into a Pilates based fitness regime and I haven’t looked back. The best thing is I now know when I am not sitting or walking straight and my flexibility and core strength has improved so much that I do an extra class a week. I find that barre and mat classes work best for me with great instructors always correcting my technique.


Pilates Plus has not only improved my wellbeing and strength but also inspired me in other aspects of my life.The overall change to not only my body but mind has been amazing. The teachers i have had have been fantastic, caring and motiviating (Michelle and Annalisa) and always push you to give it your best shot. I'm really looking foward to the next few months to see more improvements and changes.


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