Why Do You Exercise?

Everybody knows that you should do exercise to be healthy and fit. The most important question you can ask yourself is why do you exercise? Understanding the true purpose of exercise is pivotal for your overall health and longevity. Are you simply going through the motions out of obligation, or [...]
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Pilates Class

What Pilates Class Is Best For Me?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a pilates program or maybe getting back to one after a break, with so many pilates options to choose from these days, how do you know which one is right for you? There are a few questions you need to answer before deciding so [...]
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Weak Wrist

Do You Have Weak Wrists?

Have you ever thought about how much you use your wrists during the day? Just about any time you move your arm and hand, your wrist will be actively involved. And in our modern techno world, our wrists can be involved in typing, texting, swiping and scrolling for hours and [...]
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3 Tips For Awesome Abs

Pilates has become “famous” for developing a strong “core”, a term that most people associate with their abdominal muscles. Core strength actually involves all the muscles of the trunk and abdominal strength is just one component but a very necessary one. Having strong, functional abs feels awesome!! Your entire body [...]
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Desk Psoture

Are You Fit Enough To Sit At A Desk?

How’s your desk fitness? Yes, desk fitness! Do you have any idea how hard your body has to work to stay upright in a seated position…very! This isn’t the type of fitness you get by going to the gym, this is postural fitness. Here’s how you can test your desk [...]
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C Curve v The Hump

The term “C-Curve” gets thrown around a lot in the pilates world. It’s used to describe the shape you are trying to achieve in all the rolling exercises we do in pilates, including the rollup. If you struggle with the rollup, chances are the shape of your spine when rolling [...]
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Tight hips

Can’t Twist? It Could Be Your Hips!

Yes, that’s correct! When the human body moves, it does so as a complete unit and not just in isolation. Even when you’re trying to “isolate” a muscle, which we very often do in the pilates method of exercise, other muscles work to stabilise or counterbalance. The mechanism of human [...]
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Mobility v Flexibility

Increasing movement capability, mobility and flexibility is a goal of many people who start a pilates program.   Mobility and flexibility are two very different aspects of movement capability and can be misunderstood as being the same. Stretching doesn’t necessarily improve mobility and mobility training doesn’t always lead to improved [...]
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