I’ve been consistently attending Saturday mat classes at Pilates Plus for more than a year now, and it’s proving a wonderful complement to my regular Wednesday studio class. The small group size and personal attention from the skilled and friendly tutors delivers maximum benefit. Your abs and glutes might complain for a few hours afterwards, but over time you can feel a real difference in your body, strengthening your core, improving flexibility and posture and creating a wonderful overall awareness of your body.

David Feels A Real Difference

robyn testi

I have been attending Pilates Plus for approximately 10 years.  Loretta employs high quality teachers that adapt programs to meet the needs of the individual. The teachers explain the purpose of the exercise and make sure you do it properly in order to avoid injury.  As someone in my sixties I am keen to ensure I remain strong and flexible.  Pilates Plus is absolutely doing that for me!

Robyn Stays Young With Pilates

I have always wanted to try Pilates and commenced in May of 2022 at Pilates Plus in Highett and haven’t looked back. As a female in my 50’s I came from a dance background in my 20’s through regular gym work in my 30’s and 40’s to less regular gym work outs over the past 5 years. At my age, I found a few old injuries and reduced flexibility affected my motivation to attend conventional gym sessions.  What I needed was to re wire my body with the environment, structure and guidance Pilates Plus has given me.

With as little as 1 Studio and 1 of Mat class each week I found my flexibility, core strength and the increased movement of those existing injuries has given me back the motivation and movement I missed over the years. The Mat class has helped me feel centered and relaxed albeit challenging at times. The class’s all over body workout and has improved my strength and balance to new levels I thought had long passed me by.

Thank you to all at Pilates Plus Highett for my new lease on life.

Regards Therese S (55+)

Therese Gets A New Lease on Life

Helen Recommends Mat Pilates 247243

I have been taking Mat Classes at Pilates Plus for over five years. I find Mat class to be a full body work out that challenges my mind, my control and my stamina. The benefits have been significant.

I know that when a lot of people think of Pilates they think of ‘Reformer Pilates’ and whilst the reformer is a great piece of equipment, your own body provides all the resistance and assistance that you need to benefit from a Pilates workout and achieve a stronger body. If you haven’t tried Mat Pilates before I would encourage you to give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Helen Recommends Mat Pilates

Kerrie Gets Rid of Neck Pain 247240

I have been attending two sessions a week at Pilates Plus Highett since March 2020. Having never previously tried pilates, I thought it may be a good way to relieve the neck and shoulder issues I have suffered as a result of many years in a sedentary office job.

The benefits were felt immediately, with a decrease in neck and shoulder pain to subsequently no pain at all.  I could see a major correction to my posture as well as feeling stronger overall.

The instructors at Pilates Plus Highett are friendly, attentive and make the classes very enjoyable whilst also working towards achieving my goals of strength and improved posture.

I love attending my twice weekly sessions and highly recommend Pilates Plus Highett to anyone who may be thinking of taking up pilates.

Kerrie Gets Rid of Neck Pain!

Philip Rowell 227846

I am a 70 year old man and have been attending Pilates Plus for nearly 6 years. I was introduced by a very good golf friend who said I would love Pilates and it would help my golf.

And he was correct on both counts! Why do I love it?

The classes are all professionally conducted and, whilst always challenging, enjoyable. Explanation is regularly given as to why we undertake particular exercises.

The fellow participants in my Studio class have become good friends through our meeting at Pilates Plus.

The culture of Pilates Plus is special and I always look forward to my two weekly classes.

Phillip Stays Young with Pilates

Natalia Now Loves Exercise 244106

I joined Pilates Plus in 2018, attending 2 studio classes a week or a combination of mat and studio classes each week. Before joining the studio, I had tried occasional classes at some other studios and at home but couldn’t make it part of my weekly routine as I just didn’t enjoy it as much or didn’t have enough motivation.

Pilates Plus has changed all that and I am very grateful to the team for this. I know a lot of people understand they need to exercise regularly but just don’t do it without a particular reason. Since I joined the studio, Pilates is part of my life and I enjoy doing it.

As I said before, I am very grateful to the Pilates Plus team for this change in my life. For taking away the pain in my back and making pilates my lifestyle.

Natalia Now Loves Exercise!


Pilates Plus has changed my life. From being very unfit, I now have boundless energy and am enjoying how strong and flexible my body has become. I really enjoy the variety of classes on offer and the way the instructors mix up the exercises so it never becomes boring. This year I will spend my 70th birthday walking 750 kms through Portugal and Spain – something I could never have dreamed of doing before commencing this Pilates journey.


Anna 227855

I discovered Pilates a few years ago and I love doing the studio classes at Pilates Plus twice a week. I do Pilates for my physical and mental wellbeing. The trainers in my studio classes give me support to achieve my goal to improve my stability and core strength. As an older independent woman I am focused on ensuring my flexibility, balance and core strength is the best it can be. I like that Pete and Michelle gently encourage and challenge me to improve my physical and mental wellness. I plan to keep walking, traveling and bicycling till I drop!


After seeing a holiday video of myself walking on a bridge I was shocked that I was leaning forward and not walking with a straighter back. Also over the years I changed my footwear gradually to lower heel styles as I found I couldn’t stand for long periods of time in heels anymore. So instead of fixing the cause I just adjusted to the conditions without realising it until I saw that wake up video. While attending bootcamps on a regular basis it became obvious that working out hard wasn’t doing anything for my posture, core strength and feet so I decided to be kinder to myself and move into a Pilates based fitness regime and I haven’t looked back. The best thing is I now know when I am not sitting or walking straight and my flexibility and core strength has improved so much that I do an extra class a week. I find that barre and mat classes work best for me with great instructors always correcting my technique.


I’ve loved my two Pilates classes each week over the last year and a half. It has enabled me to minimise neck, shoulder, back and knee pain, and it has helped me build an overall strength that I have never had before. I feel younger, more toned and to be honest, I can’t imagine not doing this anymore. It’s become a essential part of my lifestyle.


The staff and programs at Pilates Plus are amazing. I had never done Pilates before and didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the positive effect on my overall health. I would definitely recommend these guys.



Pilates Plus Fitness is fantastic. It has a terrific array of classes and options to chose from. I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. ( I have started running for enjoyment-that’s a statement I would not have made 6 months ago!) The staff here provide the most fantastic personal experience. Sometimes you just never know what you are capable of.


I have been attending regular classes at Pilates Plus since 2015. As well as feeling fantastic after each class I have noticed significant improvement in my physical strength, endurance and posture. The small classes at Pilates Plus give the instructors opportunity to correct technique and encourage improvement. I am counting on Pilates to keep me fit, strong and ready to try new activities.


I did not discover Pilates until I was in my 70’s.

It has been a great learning experience with reference to my Posture and the value of core strength.

I have seen improvements in both and look forward to continued improvements as I work with the Pilates Plus team (they have all been excellent)to achieve these outcomes.

A added benefit has also been a improvement in my flexibility which is showing in my golf swing.

So for me the Journey has just started and I look forward to my two weekly sessions.

I would strongly recommend Pilates Plus to anyone, however do not leave it as late as I did.


With a painful neck, I thought I’d struggle with classes, but am so well looked after at Pilates Plus. I attend a studio class (max 3 per class) and a group class (barre) once each per week. Since starting barre, my movement is much better. I feel less stiff, and more comfortable. I had no idea I could do half of what I can do – so many thanks to the team at Pilates Plus.



Pilates Plus has been a key factor in improving my golf. Fellow players have remarked how I have improved my rotation and ability to hit through the ball with a more even swing. Of course this increased flexibility is due to the Pilates and Garuda programs that I have undertaken at Pilates Plus. What has amazed me is that I am stronger and more flexible now, even though I am years older. I realise I need to practice more, however, I am really pleased with the results so far having brought my handicap down from 32 to 19! So for any golfers out there who want extra assistance to help improve their game, then consider a program at Pilates Plus!

Alan Improves His Golf Swing

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