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Breathe For A Long Spine

Yes, that’s correct! You cannot have true mobility in your spine, and in fact in any of your joints without effective breathing! Really? Yes, really!!! How does pilates breathing improve [...]
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The Pilates Hundred: 3 Big Benefits

The 34 traditional pilates mat exercises were developed by Joseph Pilates for people to do right in your own home and at no cost. He was passionate about enabling people [...]
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3 Tips For Awesome Abs

Pilates has become “famous” for developing a strong “core”, a term that most people associate with their abdominal muscles. Core strength actually involves all the muscles of the trunk and [...]
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Breathe for core strength

Breathe For A Strong Core

Did you know that your breathing muscles are part of your “core”? The term core strength gets used a lot these days with most people thinking of their abdominal muscles [...]
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