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Breathe For A Long Spine

Yes, that’s correct! You cannot have true mobility in your spine, and in fact in any of your joints without effective breathing! Really? Yes, really!!! How does pilates breathing improve [...]
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The Core Pilates Principles

Pilates isn’t just a workout; it’s a holistic approach to movement  that emphasizes core strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection. At the heart of the pilates method are its foundational principles, [...]
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Does mat pilates increase fitness?

Does Mat Pilates Increase Fitness?

What is fitness? Traditionally, we’ve considered fitness in terms of physical attributes like cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Yet, our understanding of fitness is evolving as we recognize that [...]
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Pilates Class

What Pilates Class Is Best For Me?

If you’ve been thinking about starting a pilates program or maybe getting back to one after a break, with so many pilates options to choose from these days, how do [...]
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Weak Wrist

Do You Have Weak Wrists?

Have you ever thought about how much you use your wrists during the day? Just about any time you move your arm and hand, your wrist will be actively involved. [...]
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Tight hips

Can’t Twist? It Could Be Your Hips!

Yes, that’s correct! When the human body moves, it does so as a complete unit and not just in isolation. Even when you’re trying to “isolate” a muscle, which we [...]
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Mat Pilates

What Is Mat Pilates?

Pilates has literally exploded as an industry and as a mainstream form of exercise over the past decade. This is awesome! It’s the start of the realisation of Joseph Pilates [...]
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posture5 (2)s

Is Your Posture Good or Bad?

Is your posture good or bad? Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Here at Pilates Plus, we don’t think of posture as being “good” or [...]
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Breathe for core strength

Breathe For A Strong Core

Did you know that your breathing muscles are part of your “core”? The term core strength gets used a lot these days with most people thinking of their abdominal muscles [...]
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