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Healthy Aging

Fascial Fitness: Why You Need It!

Did you know that there exists a complex and interconnected system in the body that plays a crucial role in human movement, posture, and overall well-being and it’s not your [...]
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Why Do You Exercise?

Everybody knows that you should do exercise to be healthy and fit. The most important question you can ask yourself is why do you exercise? Understanding the true purpose of [...]
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Tight hips

Can’t Twist? It Could Be Your Hips!

Yes, that’s correct! When the human body moves, it does so as a complete unit and not just in isolation. Even when you’re trying to “isolate” a muscle, which we [...]
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Exercise v Activity

Do you know the difference between exercise and activity? And after working with thousands of people over many years, we know that people do get them confused or assume they [...]
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Happy Couple

Why Pilates is Anti-Aging

It doesn’t matter what your age is in years, if you’re living on this planet, you are getting older. The mindset about aging is going through a big transformation with [...]
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Healthy and fit older couples

10 Benefits of Pilates

Why is pilates so popular? What’s the difference between pilates and other types of exercise? With so many fitness options available these days, why would you start a pilates program [...]
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