Why Pilates Mat Matters in 2020

Why Pilates Mat Matters in 2020

Joseph Pilates wrote a little book in 1945, Return to Life Through Contrology.

It wasn’t and still isn’t a “best seller” but it should be.

Essentially, it’s a “how to” manual on how to attain and maintain your optimal health, fitness and wellness with the only financial cost being for the book, no equipment needed and there is absolutely NO NEED TO LEAVE YOUR HOME.

There are 34 pilates mat exercises which are illustrated in the book with very specific instructions on what and how to do them.

You’re advised by Joseph that if you perform these exercises four times a week for 3 months your body development will be approaching ideal, you will have renewed metal vigour and spiritual enhancement.

Pilates mat exercises really do change your body, mind and spirit, we see this happening with our clients every single day…it is truly amazing!!

The challenge of the Pilates Mat Exercises is learning how to perform them safely and effectively.

It takes time for your spine, joints and muscles to adapt, get stronger and become capable of some of the movements.

If you’re a beginner or have issues in your spine or joints that need attention, going straight into these exercises ISN’T a good idea. That’s why pilates is taught in a progressive manner, with very individual adaptions to how you actually learn it.

Learning pilates mat is such a vital and important skill, we would almost describe it as a survival skill as Joseph Pilates did in his book.

Remember that the pilates method of exercise isn’t just a workout for your body, it’s designed to improve mental function and clarity (mental health) and to uplift your spirit, making you feel happy and calm (stress release).

Joseph called his exercise method “Contrology” because he wanted everybody to understand that they have the ability to control the health of their own body, mind and spirit.  

You just need to learn how to do it.

Pilates is NOT like any other exercise method, the results it achieves are unique and are based on what the human body was designed to be, and how it was designed to move.

Pilates Plus is more committed than ever (if that’s possible) to seeing Joseph Pilates vision of a better humanity through his philosophy of life, health and ultimately happiness.

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