Why Pilates Mat Matters

With the rapid growth of the pilates industry over the past 5 years or so, there has been an explosion of group reformer classes.

I understand why everyone love the pilates reformer, it’s an amazing piece of equipment that can literally “reform” your body.


This has unfortunately led to a perception that the pilates mat work is a “poor alternative” to group reformer classes.

This is incredibly incorrect!!!

Both hold equal value for different reasons.

Using the pilates reformer provides a workout that gives you resistance and assistance at the same time. In a small, clinical setting it can be used for injury rehabilitation, pre and post natal programs and in a group setting give you a great workout.

But the value in pilates mat work is in its ability to teach you how to move your body without assistance, which creates a functional ability for you to move your body.

If you only ever use the pilates equipment, your body doesn’t learn how to move itself efficiently and effectively without assistance.  

Learning pilates mat requires dedication and personal practice. It can take many years to master the original 34 exercises Joseph Pilates instructed in his book Return to Life through Contrology.  

But the bonus of this dedication is that you have a full pilates workout that you can do any time and any where embedded in your body and mind for your entire life!

This was the intent of Joseph Pilates, to enable people to benefit from his work without having to pay to go to studio, without having to leave home at all.

“These exercises will actually become part of your very self securely stored away forever in the subconscious mind. The acquirement and practice of the art and science of Contrology will instill that confidence in you that will remain forever.” Joseph Pilates

Pilates mat is teaching you a life skill that, once learnt, will remain with you forever.

Anyone can learn the pilates mat work if you have the commitment, patience (it takes time), and desire to have amazing movement capability for the duration of your life.

Pilates Plus offers a comprehensive pilates mat program with beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

We love pilates mat work and are dedicated to helping as many people as we can “embed” this work in their body and mind!!

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