Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?

It’s an understandable question to ask. After all, pilates is a form of exercise and participating in an exercise program can help you lose weight, right??


The correct question should read…

Will losing weight help me with Pilates?

And the answer to this question is yes, 100%!

OK, this is how it works…

Weight loss is very simple, energy in needs to be less than energy out to create an energy deficit for your body to start to use it’s “stored” energy reserves (aka body fat).

Now you can manipulate this energy equation by expending more energy with activity that is either long and low intensity or short and high intensity. And you can also decrease the amount of energy going in…eat less food which is not energy dense.

So will doing pilates alone help with weight loss?

Maybe! It totally depends on the intensity that you workout at, coupled with a long term increase in metabolism due to an increase in muscle tone and strength.

And pilates will definitely get you toned and strong.


If you are overweight and have too much body fat on your abdominal area, it will impede your ability to develop your core strength and use your abdominals effectively.

Put simply, when the abdominal muscles contract, they contract inward towards the organs. They create a strong “corset” or belt of the entire trunk and torso.

Now body fat not only gets stored just under your skin (this is called subcutaneous fat), but also inside your body, around your organs (this is called visceral fat).  When you have this visceral fat, and you try to contract your abdominal muscles inwards…well, you can’t do it.

And that’s because there is no space for them to contract in to. It’s kind of like trying to squeeze a balloon and expecting it to stay squeezed in once you’ve let go.

Healthy lifestyle choices, including eating nutritious food in the right quantity, drinking water, quality sleep, stress management should always come first with exercise placed on top of this.

So the question you need ask is…

Are my lifestyle choices supporting and helping me achieve my Pilates fitness goals?  

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