Garuda Method v Pilates Method

We love the Pilates method of exercise and truly believe that it should be the foundation of any health, fitness and wellness program.

It creates inner, postural core strength, flexibility and mobility and develops a strong and functional connection of the mind and body.

Joseph Pilates was way ahead of his time when he developed his exercise method, and thanks to his commitment and dedication to his vision, millions of people around the world now benefit from practicing Pilates.

But we are on the precipice of a brand new approach to human movement.

This is a result of a few things…

Technology has allowed us to learn at a level beyond anything we have previously experienced.

The fact that so many people are walking around with injuries and issues and this has become an accepted normal…IT’S NOT!!!

Some very clever people decided to go on a journey of discovery, started asking questions about why this is so and went to work on the study of the role of fascia in the human body.

This has been the most exciting discovery in human health, fitness and wellness for many years and will impact the world massively in the next few decades.

The Garuda method of exercise is based in FASCIA FITNESS and the new, modern approach to movement.

Fascia fitness has very different principles to the old muscle/bone movement principles and involves moving your body in spiral lines and elastic recoil. You still need to have strong muscles but adding fascial fitness to strong muscles creates a body that is resilient on all levels.

You still need to learn all the pilates principles, especially breathing and centering as your foundation, but then you need to take your pilates practice to the next level.

Constant and continuous small gains in the resilience of your entire body should be the number one goal of any fitness program.

As Joseph Pilates himself said…

“Our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100.”

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