Want to Run Faster?

Want to Run Faster?

Are you a runner? What type of runner are you?

A recreational, “I just want to get fit” runner?


A recreational, “I love competing in fun run events”?


You are serious about and love the challenge of half and full marathons and trail running?

It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are, improving your performance only makes the running experience more enjoyable.

Improved running performance doesn’t necessarily just mean running faster. It includes running more efficiently and using less energy to go the distance, with effective technique that won’t contribute to getting a running injury.

And pilates is THE foundation for increasing any sports performance, including running.


These days everybody has heard of core strength, but not many people understand that core strength isn’t just abdominal strength.

Awesome core strength comes from building strength from the deepest part of your body outward, working on structural integrity, postural balance and mobility/flexibility first before developing the other muscles in the body.

One of the key functions of Pilates is to get the balance of strength between the supporting or stabilising muscles, and the more dynamic or moving muscles happening.

So how does this improve your running performance and prevent running injuries?

Running is a highly repetitious activity, you do the same movement over and over hundreds and possibly thousands of times.

If we use an example of a train with the tracks having a very small buckle or bend in them. The train might be able to make hundreds of trips over the warped track, but every time it does, it puts extra stress on the track and slows the train down just a little, reducing its momentum.

Now the track might stay like that forever, or it could have so much stress put on it, it eventually breaks, and the train becomes derailed.

This is what happens when the stabilising muscles in your body are weak, it makes you vulnerable to chronic pain, tightness and stiffness and possibly injury like plantar fasciitis, ITB strain, hip pain, lower back pain, knee pain.

And it slows you down and makes you inefficient at using momentum to increase your running speed.

You see, people blame running for “giving” them an injury, but it’s their OWN core strength weaknesses and postural imbalances that have really caused the injury.

And running will definitely expose core strength weaknesses.

If you want to run faster, enjoy your running more and reduce your risk of the dreaded runners injury, then start a Pilates program.    

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