2 Tips For A Healthy Spine

2 Tips For A Healthy Spine

Everybody wants one! A strong, healthy upright, flexible spine, no humpy bent over posture, no pain or stiffness.

But are you prepared to do what’s required to have a healthy spine? Most people would say yes, but most people don’t do these two things on a daily basis.

Let’s use the analogy of your body being like a car that requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep on performing at it’s best.

You need to put fuel in it, check the water and oil and get it serviced regularly and drive it, because a car that isn’t used will develop problems. With your body, you feed it nutrients, hydrate, stay on top of your health checks and keep it moving, because a body that doesn’t move will develop problems.

You could get away with not being as diligent with all the above and still keep your car on the road or your body moving, but it’s a roll of the dice! Have you ever ignored the fuel warning light only to run out of petrol…usually at the most inconvenient time. Or skipped meals, only to end up exhausted and possibly sick.

Taking ownership and responsibility of the state of your spine is a foundation Pilates principle and philosophy that Joseph Pilates outlines in both of his books.

If you can do these two things every day, it won’t be a guarantee that nothing will ever happen to the health of your spine, but at least you know you’re doing all you can to not contribute to its demise.

1. Stretch daily

This is such a simple action that takes just a few minutes to do and has massive benefits to both your physical and mental health and well-being. If you have stiffness and tightness in muscles, chances are you have stiffness and tightness in your spine. Stiff and “locked” vertebra contribute to aches and pain and if left there for a long time, can contribute to injury or degeneration of the integrity of the spine. Stretching each day is such a simple solution!!


2. De stress daily

Stress is such a sneaky little thing. By the time you’re recognising that you are stressed, your body has a build-up of accumulated stress hormones. One of the effects of this build up is muscle tension, with the spine being a common part of the body that suffers. Neck and shoulder tension is a major issue for many people, as is hip/buttock and lower back tension. We already know that muscle tension inhibits movement, which leads to tight stiff joints, which can lead to injury or issues. Stress is a state of mind that develops in to a physical state and the best way to de stress is to work on the mind first, then the body. Find a way that works for you to flips the stress switch in your mind. You can listen to some relaxing music, mediate, immerse yourself in nature or participate in a mindfulness program.

Stretching and de-stressing are the foundations and building strength in the spine muscles and core are secondary. Trying to strengthen a spine that is stiff, tense and tight doesn’t work.

Just do a little every day and soon you’ll be reaping the compounding benefits and have a healthy spine that supports you for your entire life!

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