Why You Need To Do A Pilates Retreat

If you read Joseph Pilates books and do a bit of research on his life, he spent a lot of time away from his studio which was in the heart if New York.

He had a little shack in a place called Jacobs Pillow. This is where he would invent, create and build the equipment we now use universally in Pilates.

He wrote a lot about the concept of what we call today “work-life balance” and the relevance of “work, rest and play” to our health and wellbeing.  

Life today is so biased towards work which unfortunately contributes to a swag of health and well being issues like stress, mental exhaustion, sleep issues, body aches and pains and a feeling of “never having enough time”.

Work doesn’t only include going to a job, it also includes all our daily activities like shopping, cleaning, driving kids to activities etc.

Taking “time out” of this environment is essential for your body and mind to experience being in a de-stressed state so it can recognise how stressed you actually are!

When you are in a stressed state all the time, it’s very hard to recognise it, it becomes normal.

We’ve created a weekend Pilates Retreat that brings the vision of Joseph’s original philosophy of “work, rest and play” for normal health to life.


Immerse yourself in the Pilates exercise method, develop your movement capability, work out muscle tension, stress and stiffness and get that incredible post workout relaxed body feeling that only pilates can give you.


After your work outs, enjoy luxury accommodation with amazing views, lots of quiet spots in the beautiful natural environment for you to read a book or just sit or have a snooze, opportunity to book a massage, have a beauty treatment, go for a swim o have a spa. The calm and peaceful location makes it very easy to rest and unwind.


There will be loads of opportunity to play with your favourite recreational activities, or maybe have some fun trying something new! Golf, tennis, lawn bowls, there is a fitness centre, bikes are available, go for a run around the many trails on the property, do some laps in the pool. And of course, the best part about playing is enjoying beautiful, delicious food as we come together and enjoy a meal on the Saturday night.

Taking the time to actively build your health and well being isn’t a luxury, or a reward. It’s an essential way to be pro active your long term wellness.

Pilates is health, wellness and fitness for life and we are passionate about sharing with as many people as we can how Pilates really does create the foundation for you to experience more from life.  

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