Your Butt & Back Pain

Your Butt & Back Pain

How healthy is your butt?

I’m not talking about how it looks, but how functional are your butt muscles?

Technically, they are a group of muscles called the gluteals, or more commonly known as your “glutes”. To simplify what we’re talking about, let's to stick with the term…butt!

Your butt muscles play a key role in helping control and support movements of spine, pelvis, hips, and legs.

Unfortunately, our “sitting lifestyle” means that we’re sitting on our butt for long periods of time, leading to tight and weak hip muscles.

It’s a major issue for many people, and lower back pain is one of the most common health complaints! But it has such a simple solution!

Let’s start by talking about flexibility and mobility.

Your butt muscles attach to your lower back and pelvis and if they are tight and stiff, they will restrict your ability to walk with good gait patterns and create a “pull” or tension and misalignment through the lower back area.

Over time, this can produce lower back or hip pain, or even pain in the butt muscles themselves.

So what can you do about it?

Firstly...learn how to stretch your butt muscles effectively and then DO IT EVERY DAY!

Let’s face it, you sit every day, so you need to stretch every day.       

DISCLAIMER: Only stretch every day if you want to be pain free and have a healthy spine!

Then you need to strengthen your glutes and get them functional.

Having strong butt muscles makes your body more capable of doing your everyday actions like getting in and out of the car with ease and without compromising your lower back and hips.

That’s why any strength program should include a lot of butt work!

It can be challenging in the beginning, it’s hard work and can be quite uncomfortable to do, leading to sore muscles the next day...but this is temporary.

As you get stronger and pain free, you will be glad you made the effort, with a strong and pain free lower back!

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