Learn This From My Injury

Learn This From My Injury

It can happen to absolutely anyone…including me!

One minute you’re going about your day, the next minute you’re on the ground rolling around in shock and pain.

I’ve always had a very strong confidence and belief in my physical capability, so when I get injured (which has happened quite a few times over the years), it’s a shock that it’s actually happened.

When I did a backwards free fall stepping off a chair after fixing a blind, it was in the blink of an eye that I knew I had done a lot of damage to my wrist but was also outraged that I had fallen at all!

Could I have prevented the fall? Maybe if I had stepped back with more care.

But that’s not the big lesson learnt, because accidents do and will happen all the time.

The lesson is about what you do before and after the event, and in this article we’ll take alook at the before.

The most important benefit of any health and fitness program should be developing resilience…that’s it! All the other benefits like fitness, muscle tone, energy etc are side bonuses to having the capability to physically, mentally and emotionally weather any physical issue that blows your way…and they will blow your way.

I can only imagine how much more challenging this injury would have been if I wasn’t fit, strong, mobile and flexible.

For instance…

I can rollup from a lying position without having to use my hands, a result of years of practicing the Pilates rollup.

Or being capable of reaching my arms right back behind me to get in and out of clothes just using one hand…thanks Garuda!

I can squat down low without having to hold on to anything, well that’s strong legs and mobile hips, thanks to the Pilates reformer.

So lesson number one is to get yourself fit, strong, mobile and flexible and maintain it!

I am so grateful for all of those times that I pushed myself to carve out time in the day to do a workout when I really did not want to do a workout!

Lesson number two is that the benefit of the workout isn't when you are doing it, it's in the accumulation of lots of workouts, over time which builds physical capability and resilience.

Don’t ditch your workout, build the mental discipline to stick with your workout routine even when you are not feeling motivated. This builds mental resilience to be capable of handling the most challenging part of any injury…the recovery!

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