Why Walking Isn't Enough

Why Walking Isn't Enough

We are in fact the only creatures on the planet that do it! Walking is one of the most fundamental and natural movements we can do as human beings.

An infant moves from crawling to walking without having to “learn” how to do it, they just do it naturally, we are wired to do it and it’s part of our innate ability to survive.

Then we get to the other end of life and our ability to walk becomes significant for our survival also. 

Nobody wants to become so incapacitated that they are no longer able to walk either unaided or at all. Our survival then becomes fully reliant on other people taking care of us and our daily life experiences diminish significantly.

Culturally there is an expectation that it’s normal to lose walking capability as we age, but that isn’t the case and Joseph Pilates certainly believed that!

The awareness that our modern sitting lifestyle is not good for our health, has led to an awareness of the importance of walking for health and fitness. And RIGHT NOW, more people than ever are walking for health and fitness.

This is fantastic! Walking is great for your body, mind and spirit and should be incorporated in to your daily activities, as well as doing structured long walks to improve fitness is essential.


To maintain your ability to walk, for the duration of YOUR LIFE, you need to do more than just walk.

Preventing injury and maintaining the integrity of your joints should be the foundation of ALL fitness programs. 

You see, fitness isn’t about being fit, it’s about RESILIENCE.  

Resilience enables great movement and helps to protect your body from injury and degeneration as you age, keeping you active and participating in the activities you love.

The Pilates exercise method is specifically designed to create physical resilience and movement capability and JOINT health and fitness.

CORE STRENGTH, mobility and flexibility are the foundations of the exercise method, but how far you develop your capability with Pilates is unlimited.

We’ve seen so many people become more capable as they get older with this amazing exercise method and be able to enjoy life pain free and capable right up in to their 70’s and 80’s…it’s very inspiring.

So keep on walking and start a pilates program so you can keep on walking!

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