Do You Have Happy, Healthy Feet?

Do You Have Happy, Healthy Feet?

Everybody talks about wanting a strong core, which is awesome.

Core strength is the foundation for great movement capability, health and wellness and to prevent back pain.

But what about your feet?

Well, your feet are what you stand on and help you to walk, run and play. Sooo many people have issues with their feet, with Plantar Fasciitis being one of the most common very painful complaints.

But, we’re not going to talk about all the different feet issues, there’s a mountain of info you can access very easily online about that.

We are going to focus on PREVENTING issues from happening at all.

One of the biggest problems feet have these days is our sitting lifestyle. Now there are other factors that come in to play, like how fit you are, your weight, your core strength and movement capability and your general health and wellness, but we are going to just dig in to lifestyle.

Now feet have muscles and joints, just like any other part of your body. And like other parts of your body, these muscles and joints need to be moved and strengthened.

If you’re sitting at a desk for hours at a time, with your feet just hanging out at the bottom of your inactive legs, they’ll be spending much of their time in a passive state.

Then we expect them to perform in a peak state. We're not talking about running marathons, but daily activities like walking around the supermarket, gardening, walking to the station etc.

Fitness goals need to be based on your lifestyle. If you are someone that sits at a desk, you need to incorporate strength and mobility training for your feet in to any exercise program you do.

Even if you don’t sit at a desk for a job, unless you are paying specific attention to the strength and mobility of your feet, you are leaving yourself open to potential foot problems down the track.

A goal for anyone who walks (lol), should be to be as “light on the feet” as possible, which creates agility, mobility and efficiency in how you move through your day.

Footwork is one of the foundations of the Pilates method of exercise. Not only using the equipment in the studio, but also incorporating standing footwork in mat pilates also.

Don’t wait until you have a foot problem to do something about it, be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE in your foot fitness…and then you’ll have very happy feet!

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