Do you feel healthy and fit?

Do you feel healthy and fit?

There is soo much information and talk about health and wellbeing at the moment, which is really great but what is health and fitness and how do you define it?

Joseph Pilates believed that “normal” health and fitness was the birthright of every person and health and happiness were partners and one couldn’t exist without the other.

Gaining and maintaining health and fitness requires simple choices every day and consistent effort which results in a compounding effect, which then results in a lifetime of health, fitness and wellness.

You might be making great daily choices and feeling the benefits, taking for granted that you are fit and healthy.

But the problem with defining your health and fitness on just how you feel is that many illnesses and injuries people experience, are silently commencing and progressing without any symptoms at all, sometimes over a long period of time.

Let’s use a lower back injury as an example.

Jane is active and loves being fit. She runs, does some HIIT training and some weights at the gym. She has a job where she sits at a desk and knows that she needs to counteract the negative affects this has on her health and assumes her active lifestyle is doing just that.

She doesn’t have any lower back pain, so assumes she has a healthy spine. Jane know she needs to stretch and work on her posture, but doesn’t have the time, prefers to do her fitness activities and doesn’t have any pain so lets it slide.

Then one day, she bends over to do her shoes up before a run and feels a bit of a twinge, but wants to do her training session so ignores it. After her run, she heads off to work and sits for the majority of the day.

When she wakes up the next day, she can not move and is in extreme pain and is in shock. Jane spends the next 12 weeks going to health professional appointments, taking pain medication, not being able to sit for long periods, not being able to sleep and not participating in the fitness activities she loves.

How could this happen?

If you have poor postural strength, don’t maintain a certain level of mobility and flexibility and attend to joint health on a daily, consistent basis, you are vulnerable to injury, no matter how fit you are.

The above example probably could have been avoided if “Jane” had been educated on and understood the potential ramifications of taking certain areas of her health and fitness for granted.

Learning how to maintain your own health, fitness and wellness is a foundation philosophy of the Pilates method of exercise. Life definitely isn’t fun if you have to deal with an injury or illness that potentially could have been either avoided or at the very least decreased in severity.

Be proactive and don't wait for something to happen before you take action.

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