Who needs private pilates sessions?

Who needs private pilates sessions?

There are so many ways that you can practice pilates these days, but one thing remains the same no matter what style or type of pilates you participate in.

Let’s first talk about what the Pilates exercise method was originally designed to do.

Joseph Pilates was passionate about people experiencing optimum health, fitness and wellness by using his exercise method as a foundation for life.

The very clever way that he created the exercises and the equipment, meant that it took care of injuries and postural issues, whilst developing the strength to tackle life, for the duration of your life.

There is no need to create different ways of practicing pilates, as it’s very nature is all encompassing. Here at Pilates Plus, we believe in and teach pilates based on this and incorporate the current knowledge that we now have on human movement.

So the one thing that remains the same, is the reason why the Pilates exercise method even exists! And it’s due to a vision and driving passion of one man.

OK, back to private pilates sessions!

Private pilates sessions enable you to develop a deeper level of knowledge and understanding of the Pilates exercise method, both mentally and physically, which then fast tracks the results you achieve.

Private pilates sessions = fast tracked results!

The sessions are specific and individual and at such a high level of instruction, you’ll always work to your maximum capacity, whatever that is, again to achieve maximum what you achieve in a session.

Who are private sessions for? Well, anyone wanting to achieve the following:

  • Fast tracked results.
  • Eliminate "road blocks" in your pilates practice.
  • Specific injury rehabilitation.
  • Sports specific and performance training.
  • Special condition pilates, such as Parkinson’s Disease, stroke recovery etc.

Private sessions also offer:

  • Time convenience as you are not locked in to a class time, you can arrange your sessions around your schedule.
  • Mums and bubs. One of the biggest challenges for mums post-natal is child care. Private sessions give the option of bringing bub with you.
  • Opportunity to work with an instructor of your choice.

To make an inquiry about private sessions at Pilates Plus, you can email info@pilatesplusfitness.com.au or call 9532 1141

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