Do This One Thing Every Day

Do This One Thing Every Day


Why do you need to stretch every day?

It’s a natural, normal thing for your body to do in response to being still or inactive for a period of time.

It prepares it to get moving again and lubricates and mobilises joints and primes muscles for movement. Think of a dog or cat waking from a sleep, the first thing they do is stretch.

An animal doesn’t wait until there is a spare 5 minutes in it’s day and then decide to do some stretching! It does it in response to the needs of its body.

This is something that as a society, we have really lost touch with and one of the BIG philosophies of Joseph Pilates.

Having great flexibility and mobility is not considered “the norm”, but the exception these days and is quite the opposite of what the body needs to be able to function effectively.

So why don’t people stretch every day?

Most people don’t understand the significance of every day stretching to their long term health and wellness.

There are so many benefits to stretching every day, but the biggest one is investing a small amount of time every day to get a compounding benefit the older you get.

In other words, if you want to stay active, mobile and functional as you age, stretch a little every day.

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