The Magic of Mat Pilates

The Magic of Mat Pilates

Pilates has literally exploded as an industry and as a mainstream form of exercise in recent time.

This is awesome!

It’s the start of the realisation of Joseph Pilates original vision of every person in the civilized world having access to his work and all the amazing benefits you get from it. When you add to this the recent explosion of online pilates, so many people now have the ability to participate in pilates classes.

But so many people these days only associate the Reformer Bed with Pilates, and miss out on the MAGIC of the pilates mat work, which is the essence and foundation of the exercise method called Pilates.

We do love the Pilates Reformer, but not everyone can afford to have one at home. All you need for pilates mat work is a mat!

Reading Joseph Pilates two books, Your Health and Return to Life through Contrology is immensely inspiring and motivating. He was a true wellness warrior, wanting to change humanity thorough health and fitness and his exercise method… a very strong core value and mission of Pilates Plus.

When you really think about it, he created an entire exercise method both with and without equipment, over 100 years ago when the health and fitness “industry” didn’t exist! He was a true genius and we highly recommend you check out his books.

What he also realised was that to get his exercise method to be used globally, he had to enable people to have access to it at little cost and without having to leave their home.

So he created a set of 34 exercises that did not require any equipment and could be performed anywhere at anytime.

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And so the PILATES MAT WORKOUT was created.

Joseph never would have imagined how beneficial and relevant practicing Pilates Mat in your own home would be in 2020 and beyond. Here at Pilates Plus, just like Joseph,  we are driven to help as many people as we can learn, master and enjoy the benefits that only pilates gives you.

To master this workout exactly as Joseph outlined in his book is considered the pinnacle of Pilates practice and can take many years to get there.

Like any exercise method, you need to start at the beginning, learn the foundations and progress as your body gets stronger.It is so important to understand these movements and be taught by a pilates professional before attempting to do the advanced versions Joseph outlined in his book.  

If you learn this workout and do it 3-4 times a week, you will have bullet proof strength, flexibility, mobility and stamina and a workout you take anywhere and do any time.

Experience the magic of mat pilates today!!!

Pilates Plus ONLINE is designed to teach you how to do pilates at home with correct technique, progress you at your own level and provide individual instructions and corrections. 

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