Proactive or Reactive? Which one are you?

Proactive or Reactive? Which one are you?

This concept appears to be so simple and easy to understand yet when it comes to health, fitness and well-being, many people don’t get this.

We have been and still are, experiencing an ongoing  health crisis in western society(apart from the current pandemic) with"lifestyle" contributing to health issues which on the whole are preventable.

So, are you proactive or reactive about your health, fitness and well-being? Here are some questions to ask yourself about which approach you are inclined to take.  

  • Do you go to the doctor when you are sick to get a cure? Or do you go to the doctor to work out a plan with her/him to prevent yourself from getting sick?
  • Do you exercise to fix an existing problem? Or do you exercise consistently, even when you don’t want to, to prevent issues from arising?
  • Are you “too busy” to get to exercise, cook a healthy meal, attend to a nagging injury/issue? Or do you schedule in time during the busy week for exercise, eating well and sorting out body issues?
  • Do you wait until your weight goes up 5-6 kg before attending to your nutrition? Or do you eat a lean and clean diet most of the time to prevent weight gain from happening at all?
  • Do you put you head in the sand and ignore all the information available on how to be healthy and fit? Or do you educate yourself, seek professional advice and integrate the knowledge in to how you care for your own well-being?
  • Are you constantly starting to be healthy every Monday morning? Or is being healthy a way of life for you that you never have to stop or start?
  • Do you rely on other people to fix your  health, fitness and well-being? Or do you take ownership and responsibility for it and seek help when needed to enable you get back on track?
  • Do you see health, fitness and well-being as something that you do when necessary? Or is being healthy, fit and well a core value of yours?

People who are proactive may still get sick or have body issues, but if they do, they already have a foundation of health and fitness to deal with whatever it is they need to deal with.

This most definitely helps in the time it takes to recover and quite possibly prevents the issue or illness from being as severe.

Now what a lot of people don’t realise is that proactive prevention is a foundation principle of the Pilates exercise method. Joseph Pilates talks about his approach to health in his book Your Health which he wrote in 1934.  

“The natural development of coordinated physical and mental health, and to the prevention, rather than the cure of disease.”

The very nature of the exercises he created, promotes health, movement function and longevity, and he also gives very firm views on other lifestyle aspects that create wellness. Being healthy is a normal state for the body to be in, unfortunately our modern lifestyle does not support this, so we need to take extra actions to counteract the affects of this.

But he was also brutally clear in his writings that it’s every person’s responsibility to take action on a daily basis and make health your number one priority so you can live a happy and productive life.

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