Do You Train For Change?

Do You Train For Change?

What’s your ultimate end game with your health, fitness, and wellness?

Do you exercise and eat well to change or are you happy just getting by?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to think that what you are doing with your fitness NOW will still be relevant and get you results in the future.

We all get older! That is an undeniable fact!

And as we age, our body changes, whether we like it or not. And as the body changes, it’s needs change.

Now we can not generalize about what those needs are, every person will have very specific needs as they age.

A person who has never exercised until they hit 40, will have different needs to a person who has always been fit and active.

Getting back to that ageing body! Nobody wants to be incapacitated as they age and lose their lifestyle.

Today’s society no longer accepts that getting older equals losing quality of life.

Joseph Pilates was on top of this over 100 years ago!

“All that any human body should require is a change from whatever it has been previously subjected to” Joseph Pilates – Return to Life


To keep your quality of life, you have to work at it and train to change your body as it gets older, rather than doing the same activities and accepting your decline in health and fitness.

You see, the ageing process will decrease your metabolism, degenerate your spine and joints leading to a decrease in mobility and flexibility, leading to less activity, leading to an increase in body fat…. you can see where it’s heading.

So what do you need to do to counteract these changes?

Here’s a list of some of the pillars of fitness and health that every person needs to attend to, no matter how old you are. How much attention each pillar needs is different for every single person.


Core Strength


Cardio fitness




Stress Management

Quality Sleep


Outdoor activity

Life balance

Posture and core strength are the foundations of great movement and muscle/joint function and health. You can forget about all the others if you spend your days dealing with aches and pains and heading towards major joint issues and you have a faulty foundation.

Every person who has a body (lol), should have rock solid posture and core strength to enable them to do whatever it is they love to do, or to just deal with daily life.

This is something you work on for life, not just for a few years. Pilates is the only exercise method that is designed to build a formidable foundation for your body and keep it for life.

The other essential pillar is nutrition, our fuel for living life.

It appears to be such a basic, fundamental need of the body that we should be able to meet.

But somewhere along the line, we have totally gone off track. Many people suffer from issues that derive from poor nutrition and that in turn, affects your ability to master all the other pillars.

As we age, our nutrition needs change, I’m sure you’ve heard somebody announce that they “can’t eat what they used to in their 20’s and get away with it”.

Even if you attend to all the pillars and have 100% health and fitness, you will not be able to consume as much fuel as you used to…the metabolism slows down, and our approach to nutrition should take that in to account.

Our food chain is also under constant change with better quality food being produced as the demand for health increases and the consumer becomes more educated on nutrition. 

Making constant, little ongoing changes to the quality of food you eat will go a long way to preserving your health and keeping all the systems of the body functioning at their optimum.

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