What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

What's Winning? Your Mind or Body?

Have you ever experienced the battle of the mind and body when it comes to health, fitness and wellness?

It can happen to people who are fit and very experienced at training their body, and people who’ve never exercised at all.

So what is this battle?

It’s when your mind wants your body to do something it’s not capable of or when your mind doesn’t “tune in” and pay attention to what your body needs and is screaming at you to do.

Sounds obvious right? But, the battle can be subtle, complete balance of mind and body is illusive to many people and the importance of it for health and quality of life isn’t realised.

The modern lifestyle is mind biased, with the body suffering massively, and when we have physical health and fitness issues...your mental health suffers. So developing the ability to listen to your body and understand what it needs is crucial to get equal health in both body and mind.

Here are some examples of what happens when your mind ignores your body


Did you know that more people go to the doctor regarding back pain than the common cold!

If you’re experiencing daily aches and pain in your back, or anywhere in the body, this is not a normal state for the body to be in! Your body is screaming at you to attend to it.

Of course, seeing a health professional to get you back on track is great, but ultimately YOUR body is YOUR responsibility and if you keep on ignoring it, you’ll find yourself living in a world of pain, either now or in the future.

You WILL want all the joint health and function you can get as your body ages and as they say, prevention is better than cure, so don’t ignore pain in your body.


“I can’t do that” is the common cry of someone who doesn’t understand their physical capability and continually tells themselves that they are too old/young/unfit/short/tall/busy etc. to achieve health and fitness.

If you lack confidence in your body’s ability…you have a real battle going on. Your mind is doing a number on you.

The human body will respond to whatever we do to it, the trick is to do the right things to it. Educating yourself on the correct exercise methods and technique and then pushing your body to reach out of its comfort zone is how you increase fitness and health.

Staying in the comfort zone, limits your body from reaching its full potential and you miss out on all the benefits.


Reaching peak fitness is an amazing feeling and requires you to push your body to the edge of it’s capability…not over the edge!

When you are fit and active and participating in sports, the mind has a big agenda. Go faster, go harder, win the game, and ignore the fact that your body is fatigued or not skilled enough to perform better, or not fueled enough.

This is such an issue, it’s a well known “over training” syndrome that results in lots of health issues, not surprisingly because the mind and body are so out of balance.

Taking a day off training because you’re tired can present a big mind battle, especially if you have a a structured program you’re following. But if you don’t listen to your body, and you do train when you’re fatigued, it will let you know that you’ve gone too far by getting sick, getting injured or ending up with chronic fatigue (the body shuts down its energy supply).

So listen, rest and recover…then get back to training.

There are lots of other ways that our mind and body imbalance can manifest. Poor sleep, stress, over or under eating, poor mental health or lack of energy and vitality to name just a few.

Health, fitness and wellness is fully dependent on the balance of mind and body. This is the essence of the pilates exercise method created by Joseph Pilates who based his work on the perfect balance of body, mind and spirit. 

So pay attention to when you’re in a mind/body battle and practice recognizing where the imbalance is and correct it.














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