The NEW Health & Fitness Mindset

The NEW Health & Fitness Mindset

If we look back at the past 40-50 years, our world has changed dramatically, and our lifestyle has changed along with it.

Lifestyle is a tricky one to define, but I’ll give it a go. If we look at the word, it’s describing how we “style” our life.

This can encompass a never-ending range of areas of life, including how we “style” our daily routines and activities, our work/family/life balance and how our life-style impacts our health, fitness and well-being.

Unfortunately, many people’s lifestyles are contributing significantly to health and wellness issues that not only reduce the quality of life but may in some people reduce the length of their lives.

But there is a ground swell of change happening and the demand for health, fitness and wellness has never been as high as it is now.

As a health and fitness professional of many decades, that is so great to see!

So what is this “new” health and fitness mindset?

Well, the old mindset of the past few decades was bogged down in “weight loss” and “toning up”, and whilst we all want to look fantastic, this approach produced lots of skinny and firm people who still experienced poor health!

And the old approach to getting an injury or health issue, was to immediately go to a health professional and hand over responsibility for our own health and wellbeing to someone else.

Please, do NOT get me wrong, I am not saying that we should never go to health professionals or seek medical advice!!!

But how about taking a look at how you have “styled” your life and the possible impact it is having on the injury or issue.

For example, a major contributing factor to daily aches and pains is a lack of flexibility and mobility. There is a simple remedy for that…stretch a little every day.

I can not tell you how many times I have advised people to do just that, and while they are sitting in front of me, they make a commitment to do it with no action taken at all when they get home.

They are not willing to change their “lifestyle” and take personal ownership of their health and wellbeing. It is much easier to “go to the osteo/physio/chiro” and get them to mobilise and stretch their body for them.

Again, do not get me wrong, I do personally go to an osteopath when I have an issue that I can not stretch or mobilise myself…I work WITH the osteopath, rather than leaving it all up to him to fix.

So what is the new health and fitness mindset?

It’s taking ownership of your own physical and mental wellness and having a life that is “styled” to support your health and not take away from it.

As Joseph Pilates wrote in 1934…

“Health is a normal condition and it is our duty to not only attain it but to maintain it. If human beings only knew and obeyed the simple laws of nature, universal health would follow and the “Health Millennium” would be upon us.”

Is the health millennium upon us? I would like to think that it is, and it all starts with a shift in our mindset.

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