Do You "Slouch"?

Do You "Slouch"?


Stop Slouching!!! Stand up straight!!! Pull your shoulders back!!!

Have you heard this before? Maybe you were the person saying it to somebody else or you were told this by a very well-meaning friend or family member.

Having worked with hundreds of people over the years, we find posture immensely fascinating. A basic definition of posture is…the position someone hold their body when sitting or standing.

This is a very easy definition to understand, but if you were the person on the receiving end of one of the above instructions, it probably didn’t make you feel that good about yourself.

In fact, many people refer to their posture as “bad” as if they have done something wrong, and guess how it makes them feel, yes, bad about themselves.

Posture is not “good” or “bad”, it’s just the position our body is in at any given time.

So why does posture affect our self esteem so much? Why does the word “slouch” make us feel uncomfortable?

Firstly, we can not separate the body from the rest of who we are. Our physical state is one part of who we are and doesn’t operate on it’s own. So if you are going to be well meaning and correct a persons posture, be aware that you are, correcting the entire person…and that’s why it doesn’t feel good to be on the receiving end of it.

The word posture also gets used to describe a particular attitude or approach to a situation or how we carry ourselves. Having an upright posture is generally considered to be a confident, strong and positive…just think of military posture!

Having a slouched posture, is generally considered to be not confident and in some way weaker and not so positive, which is another reason for you to feel poorly about yourself if someone tells you to “stop slouching”.

If you have a friend or family member who has a postural imbalance that is causing them to lose their upright stance, the best way for you to help them is suggest that they start an exercise program to get their body strong, and of course PILATES is the most amazing exercise method to do this.

Posture is the foundation of PILATES and being upright with aligned posture not only prevents wear and tear and injuries in the body, but changes your entire way of being.

Correcting posture problems is one of the reasons the PILATES exercise method was created with the knowledge that once a persons posture is in balance, those daily aches and pains disappear, vitality increases along with increased enjoyment of daily activities.

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