Put Your Best Foot Forward

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Did you forget about your feet in winter?

With the warmer weather now upon us, most people’s feet get freed from the constraints of closed in shoes and they start to get some attention. Even if you pay attention to your feet all year round, do you actually have a program in place to keep your feet fit and healthy?

As with any area of fitness, health and wellness, being proactive and not reactive is always going to be a winner as far as your body goes. But unfortunately, when most people think about health and fitness…it usually doesn’t involve the feet, unless you are practicing Pilates of course!

It’s not until there is a problem, that the appropriate emphasis is placed on having fit, functional feet. Think about it…

Your feet take the full weight of your body and are your connection to the ground. They have muscles and joints just like the rest of the body that need to be exercised, made strong, mobile, and flexible. There are 30 joints and roughly 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons in each foot. And if they are not strong or stiff, it will affect your entire body and how it moves.

There are loads of different conditions/injuries/issues that happen to unfit feet. And there wouldn’t be enough room here to list them all. Our lifestyle these days does not help with the prevention of these issues. We sit for incredible amounts of time, we wear shoes that restrict the natural movements of the feet, a vast majority of the population are overweight and walking around without shoes is considered “dangerous”

Anyone who has ever done Pilates, understands that footwork is a foundation principle, and is forms a significant part of any Pilates program. Joseph Pilates believed that every single muscle in the body required focused attention to become strong and functional. He was probably one of the first “barefoot” runners, as he was either in bare feet or little slippers constantly moving and exercising his feet.

Having an issue with your feet sucks! Not only are you in pain, but doing the most fundamental thing the body can do…walk, becomes at best difficult and at worst impossible.

So yes, have your pedicure and make your feet look pretty, but be proactive in your approach to foot fitness. And if you already have foot issues…start a Pilates program today!!!

Not only will your feet be grateful, but the rest of your body will also be too.  

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