The Truth About "New Years Resolutions"

The Truth About "New Years Resolutions"

Did you know that making a new year’s resolution is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you really want to improve your health, fitness and wellness.

What you really need to do is determine how you want your health, fitness and wellness to be not just in the next year, but for the rest of your life!  And the key to achieving your optimum health, fitness and wellness comes down to how much value you put on it, making lifestyles choices and changes and taking a big picture, lifetime approach…not just a “new year” approach.

This does not equate to never setting goals! Goals are the road-map to get to where you want to go. But most people view the actual goal as the destination, rather than the journey.  

Here’s an example…

It’s around this time of the year, after all of the feasting and fun has finished that “losing weight” becomes a goal for many people. Just saying you want to lose weight is like saying you want a million dollars! Nothing will happen unless you put some kind of value on making permanent lifestyle changes, have an action plan with definite steps and outcomes, and a lifetime commitment to being lean and healthy to support your lifestyle and longevity.

The people that succeed with a weight loss goal, do all of this and not only achieve the goal but create a new, better quality of life that enables them to live life to the fullest.

The people who fail at weight loss, attempt to eat healthy for a period of time, but still have an expectation of going back to the lifestyle that caused the weight gain in the first place! And so fail time and time again, and either don’t “get” the connection or ultimately want the lifestyle more than they want a lean and healthy lifetime of wellness.

Another example is core strength, flexibility and posture.

Joseph Pilates talks endlessly about being persistent and patient and dedicating yourself to daily practice, to achieve optimum physical fitness. His ultimate vision was for people to live rich, happy and healthy lives by achieving optimum physical conditioning. And here at Pilates Plus we have this vision as well.

We encourage all of our clients to, at the very least stretch daily and to incorporate pilates practice at home. Some of our clients take this on board because having a happy, functioning body has incredible value to them. The goal isn’t daily stretching…that’s the road-map that gets them to what it is they value…lifestyle and longevity!

So as you start to contemplate the new year, be honest with yourself about the willingness you have to change your lifestyle. If you are willing to make changes, the next step is to change what you value, then…JUST DO IT!

Nothing happens if nothing happens!

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