5 Tips For Healthy Knees

5 Tips For Healthy Knees

How healthy are your knees? And how do you know what a healthy knee should look and feel like?

So many people have issues and pain with their knees these days, it’s almost accepted that as you get older…your knees “will go”!

But the knee joint, like all the other joints in your body, if looked after over the course of a lifetime, should last a lifetime.

Now there are a lot of reasons for knee pain.  It could be due to traumatic injury, like we see with football players. It could be degeneration, or osteo arthritis of the knee joint or some other issue/injury or it could be due to the fact that the 5 actions below have never been done.

The great news is that it’s never too late to work on your knee health. Many of our clients, start their Pilates program with chronic knee pain, to discover along their Pilates journey that with perseverance, they can be pain free, or at the very least be able to manage the effects of knee joint degeneration.

So if you do need to work on the health of your knees, check out each of these actions and get started today!

Get A Strong Core

How does core strength help your knees? When your core is strong and functional, it makes your body lighter on it’s feet. Imagine you’ve got a rope on the top of your head and it’s pulling you upwards towards the sky…all the time! That’s what having a strong core does. This “lifts” your body off your knees, which decrease the pressure and stress on the knee joint

Stretch Every Day

This is such a simple, easy action to take that would make a massive difference to the quality of life for so many people, yet people just don’t do it. It’s free, takes about 10 minutes and is an action that can prevent so many issues in the body! So if you don’t know how to stretch, you need to learn and then do it every day. A tight knee joint will not be able to function and will most likely be sore and stiff and the longer you don’t stretch, the more likely your knee joint will degenerate.

Get Strong Legs

Your legs are what carries you through your day to day activities. They need to be strong enough to hold the weight of the trunk and torso and be capable of supporting the ankle, knee and hip joints. Leg strength isn’t just about big bulky muscles, it’s about getting the right muscles strong and balanced to keep the knee joint in “alignment”. Weak knee muscles(quadriceps muscles), is one of the most common reasons for chronic pain in the knee. So if you want to be able to bound up and down stairs, without holding on to the rail…get strong legs!   

Be Lean and Light

It makes sense that if you picked up a bag that weighed 10kg or even 20kg, it would put more downward pressure on your knee joints. So being lean and light, is essential for knee health, and in fact ankle and foot health…and really let’s just say your entire body benefits! When there is too much weight on the knee, over a long period of time, it can cause inflammation, swelling and pain and if it stays like that can lead to osteo arthritis, and if it continues, may lead to complete degeneration of the joint and the need for knee replacement surgery.  

Get Off The Chair And Start Walking

Sitting for long periods of time is one of the worst things you can do for you knees. Sure, there isn’t any weight on them, but they are in a bent position(flexed) whenever you sit and like any joint in your body, when it isn’t moved, it gets stiff and the muscles get tight. So if you do sit at a desk all day, getting up and “stretching your legs” with a walk around the office is only going to be good for your knee health. And doing any extra walking throughout the day is going to be highly beneficial.

And of course, practice pilates!

Pilates = Movement capability and resilience for life.

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