Do You Make This Mistake?

Do You Make This Mistake?

I was watching the trailer for the Usain Bolt Documentary…I Am Bolt. What an inspiration, even if you don’t want to be the fastest person in the world…or even around the block :)

Now, what you get from this little video is that he does not always enjoy training…in fact I’m sure there would be days where he just did not want to do it and struggled to get there at all.

It made me realise that there are a lot of people trying to get fit, who have a misconception about people who are fit. They think that fit people are motivated ALL THE TIME! And I can tell you from very personal experience that they are not!

The internal motivation battle happens to everyone. I’m too busy, too tired, missing one session won’t make a difference, my family takes priority, (that’s a good one…who do you put the oxygen mask on first?).

It’s impossible to stay 100% motivated 100% of the time…for anyone!

So what do people who achieve optimum fitness and health have that people who are always chasing this illusive fitness and health don’t have?


If you are 100% dedicated to being fit and healthy, you will get to your training sessions regardless of how motivated you are. And if you do this enough times, then it gets embedded in your DNA that you will always feel better for dragging yourself to training.

Joseph Pilates knew this and wrote about it in his book “Return To Life Through Contrology”, written in 1945. He writes…

“At times you may feel tempted to “take a night off”. Don’t succumb to the momentary weakness of indecision, or rather, wrong decision. Decide to remain true to yourself”

Joseph Pilates was 100% totally dedicated to his own personal health and fitness and also to educating and inspiring others to be the same through his work. In fact, he dedicated his life to this, and that dedication has enabled thousands of people around the globe to benefit…80 years later.

How motivated do you think he was when nobody was listening to him and considered him a bit of a crackpot? But he kept on going, even without seeing fully the global results he was hoping to achieve

So don’t make the mistake of confusing motivation and dedication, they are two different things.

Motivation will vary according to how tired, stressed and overwhelmed you feel on any given day. Dedication is there all the time if you are determined and driven to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals…no matter what they are.

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