Why Pilates Is The Future Of Fitness

Why Pilates Is The Future Of Fitness

When I first started in the fitness industry one or two years ago(lol), the term core strength didn’t exist. Way back in the 1980’s it was all about cardio/aerobic fitness. We were all jumping up and down in aerobics classes, running or who remembers “power walking”!

Having personally been involved in the evolution of the health and fitness industry over the past few decades, I’ve seen how our approach and idea of not only what fitness is, but also how we go about achieving it tends to be a reactive process.

Here’s how it works…

In the 1980’s every second person had “shin splints”! This was a result of all of that bouncing around in aerobics classes and it was a big runners issue as well. The solution to shin splints? Stop doing the activity that caused it in the first place!

So how did we deal with having to stop our favourite fitness activities?

Well, some bright spark creates a “new” form of exercise that won’t give you shin splints and so “low impact” aerobics was born.

Now this reactive development of fitness has gone on for decades and is still going on as you are reading this today. But with one big difference.


Now before I get in to that, I firstly want to say that as soon as I started participating in Pilates sessions myself in the early 1990’s I KNEW THAT PILATES WAS THE FUTURE OF FITNESS…there was not one doubt in my mind that Pilates would one day be mainstream and not some weird, “soft” type of exercise that only women did!

Now, back to technology.

The good news first. Technology has allowed us to develop our understanding of human movement and how that applies to keeping fit and healthy. Although, Joseph Pilates didn’t need technology to develop his amazing exercise method…but he was a genius!

The not so good news is that technology is crippling our bodies, and is forcing us to look for a new approach to keeping fit and healthy. Lower back issues, neck and shoulder tension, hip and knee problems are the norm these days, even in children.

So now everybody wants a strong “core”, but I feel that there is still a big gap in the understanding of what that actually is.

Pilates is an exercise method that produces a strong core because it takes a wholistic approach to working the body. Make no mistake about it, Pilates is a workout, and if you want a strong core…you have to apply yourself and work for it.

A strong core isn’t the end point…it’s just the beginning and life is so much easier with a strong core!

Not only do day to day activities become effortless, but the quality of your life as you get older is amazingly enhanced, allowing you to keep on participating in all the fitness or sporting activities that you love doing.

And that is the bottom line…Having a strong core gives you a better life experience…for your entire life! Not just for 12 weeks!

Joseph Pilates really did know what he was talking about when he said that everyone in the world should be doing his work to live a healthy and happy life.

So don’t put up with pain and compromised quality of life, get your core strong and start your Pilates journey today!

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