How's Your Mobility?

How's Your Mobility?

Being a Pilates studio, we get quite a few people coming to us to try to get a more flexible, mobile body.

They have googled stretches to do and maybe do them for a few weeks, then life gets busy and they forget about stretching, and it didn’t really make much difference anyway.

Then something happens, an injury, or the build-up of daily pain and discomfort becomes too much and they decide to take action again…Pilates is good for stretching right?

Well yes, but getting a mobile flexible body is much more than just stretching.

Firstly, there is a difference between flexibility and mobility.

Mobility is about range of movement of your joints and your ability to have “functional’ movement to perform not only your daily activity, but exercise and any sporting activities you participate in.

An example of a lack of mobility is backing your car out of the drive. If you struggle to turn your head to look behind you, that is a lack of mobility in the neck and upper back.

Flexibility refers to the length of your muscles and muscle groups.

Stretching will help to lengthen your muscles, but not necessarily create mobility in the joints.

As we get older (and this is something that we are all going to do!), if we don’t attend to joint mobility, they can become stiff and even arthritic…kind of like a rusty door hinge.

Let’s look at the example of a door hinge. It needs to be moved and oiled to keep on working effectively. If it’s not looked after, exposed to the elements, and not moved, it will get rusty and seize up. And the longer you leave it, the more it will degenerate and eventually probably just collapse.

The ageing process in the human body, naturally degenerates our joints, so being proactive and taking steps to counter act joint degeneration is essential to preserve the integrity of your joints and above all MAINTAIN QUALITY OF LIFE AS YOU GET OLDER!

Pilates is of course designed to give all the joints in your body full range of movement…especially your spine!

At the same time, it develops long, flexible and strong muscles…it is a very clever system of exercise that creates a deep strength, mobility, flexibility and fitness all at once.

You only need to look at Joseph Pilates at the age of 82 to realise that his work is designed for quality of movement and life as you get older!

Stretching 10 minutes a day can lead to a lifetime of great quality movement.

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