Do You Have Neck Tension?

Just about every person that comes in to Pilates Plus has some form of neck tension or has at some stage in their life experienced it. It’s really easy to blame technology for neck tension, after all we all spend an enormous amount of our time these days with eyes focused firmly on either a phone or computer.

Now neck tension is very different from having an actual neck injury or issue, which requires either treatment and/or specific

Neck tension is the result of the following:


Stress is so ingrained in our day to day life, most of the time we aren’t even aware of how much tension we are holding in the body, especially in the neck and in the jaw. The longer stress stays in your body, the more issues it creates, so releasing muscle tension is vital for your long term health and well-being.

Most people don’t give stress management any time or attention until the issues it’s creating in the body become over whelming and either cause health issues or so much muscle pain that it decrease their quality of life.


Learn what stress is and how to deal with it. Here at Pilates Plus, we recommend a great stress management program called ADDRESS STRESS. You can download a free app, which guides you through a 2 minute “pressure valve” breathing exercise to bring more calm in to your life…and if you think that you don’t have a spare 2 minutes, then you really do have a stress issue!!!!



So why does poor posture create neck tension? Well, it has to do with muscle imbalance.

There is an ideal position or shape that the spine should be in to create “good posture”. And whilst this may vary from person to person (posture is a very individual thing), the aim of good posture is to decrease the stresses on the spine.

When we don’t have great posture and alignment of the spine, the body has to work really hard to stay upright and to stabilise the spine and all the other joints in the body.

And because the muscles are always overworking, they get tight, sore and tired. Now you may go and have a massage and relieve that soreness, only to find it comes back again because the underlying postural imbalance hasn’t been corrected.


Do Pilates!!! There is nothing else to say, you will correct the postural imbalance, get relief from neck tension and learn how to manage it if it returns


I joke with our clients that the world would be a better place if everybody stretched their glutes (butt muscles) every day!

Everybody laughs but I am being serious about the impact that daily stretching would have on an individual person and then on the world.

Think of how many people go to the doctor due to back and neck pain. Think of how much time effort and expense goes in to dealing with it.

I’m not saying that this is the solution for every single issue or injury that occurs in the body, but I have seen so many people start Pilates and get almost instant relief from neck tension just from starting to stretch.


Learn how to stretch and make a commitment to do it every day. Joseph Pilates firmly believed in daily practice and we do too! Take just 15 minutes at the end of the day before you go to bed to stretch your body and release tension and over time, your body will thank you for it!

Check out these 3 simple stretches that will help release neck tension...


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