How Do You Get Out Of Bed?

How Do You Get Out Of Bed?

We all do this simple thing every day…get out of bed and some days it’s easier than others.

So how do you get out of bed?

Do you bound out of bed, full of energy and able to stand up without assistance or any aches and pains? Or is getting out of bed the first “obstacle” you’ll face in the day?After working with  hundreds of people, we know that getting out of bed is a real issue for a lot of people.

Nobody wants to start the day experiencing aches and pains…just from getting out of bed!

If you can relate to this daily issue, then don’t despair…there is a way that you can be bounding out of bed each day. Here is a list of issues that could be contributing to your lack of movement ability in the morning and how you can rectify the issue.


This one is obvious, but it may not be for the reason that you think. Having extra abdominal fat has a big effect on your core strength and ability to use your abdominals in the correct way, which leads to an inability to move the spine in the correct way…it kind of makes your torso rigid and not easy to move around. Just imagine that you have a wooden plank stuck to your back, it would make it really hard to bend your body. This is what can happens if you have excess baggage in the belly area. If this applies to you, it might be time to be honest with yourself and do a lifestyle evaluation and implement changes to the quantity and quality of your nutrition, the amount of activity you do and your stress levels.


Did you know that Joseph Pilates actually invented a bed? He had very firm views on what position you should sleep in and the effect it had on your body. Being out of alignment while you sleep is just the same as being out of alignment when you are awake. It creates imbalances in your body that lead to aches and pains, tight muscles and stiff joints. We know that the Pilates is the only method of exercise that develops the deep postural muscles to be balanced and capable of supporting your spine awake or asleep!


So many people would feel so much better if they just stretched every day!!! A daily stretch routine takes only10-15 minutes of your time at night, just before you go to bed and it will also help with the quality of sleep that you get. If you have a tight, stiff and sore body when you go to bed, it's kind of obvious that you will wake up with a tight, sore and stiff body. Daily stretching truly is a game change!! Learning how to stretch effectively and safely is a skill everyone needs to learn.  


Moving your body is the most natural way you can get to lubricate your joints and get your muscles to warm up and elongate. Of course, choosing the right type of exercise to do this is crucial to get the maximum benefit and prevent injuries! Pilates is more than just exercises to get your “core strong”. It’s a system of movements that is designed to optimise your body’s capability from the inside out, that’s why it makes your body feel good.

When the body is developed in a balanced way that promotes length and strength at the same time, getting out of bed is a breeze. If you're putting up with night time aches and pains and poor quality sleep, the Pilates method of exercise might be the best sleep solution you've ever tried!

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