Do you think of your posture as being good or bad? Here at Pilates Plus, we don’t think of posture as being “good” or “bad”. Posture is not being anything…it just is!

The word posture relates to the position that your body is in at any given time. Then we have a look at how aligned your posture is to the “ideal’ position for the body to be in to create great movement and not put stress or strain on any muscles or joints.

So your posture is the result either having a balance of length and strength in all your muscles and joints…or not!

We are all born with a postural “profile” which may be seen in other family members as well. Some postural profiles are very aligned to the ideal posture and some are not. Remember…it’s not good or bad, it just is!

Your natural postural profile only needs to be re balanced if it is causing you problems with movement or putting stress or strain on joints and muscles.

There are also other factors that affect your posture:

Sitting too much…which is 90% of the population these days!
Injury and chronic pain will instantly create an imbalance in your body
Sporting activities that are repetitive or single sided like running, golf, tennis etc.
AND probably the biggest one of all…Gravity!

Now, as soon as you mention the word posture most people attempt to be more upright, with good reason.

Gravity is essentially squashing us all day long, pushing us to the ground. It’s the reason that we don’t fly off in to space! When the astronauts go in to space, they grow, sometimes up to 5cms!

Check out how gravity can affect posture.


It’s important to remember that we all have very individual posture and what is ideal for one person, may not be ideal for another.


Chronic postural imbalances may not present any problems for years. All of a sudden you develop a sore neck, knee, have a lower back injury which may have been either prevented or minimised by addressing postural issues sooner…I know all about this one from personal experience!!!

So have a look at the pictures below and see if you can pick which imbalance(this is just a sample) you have in your body and commit to doing something about it, which would be Pilates of course :)

Tight Lower Back

Weak Neck/Head Forward

Tight Rounded Shoulders

Too Upright…yes there is such a thing!

Knees Rolling In

Weak Abdominal Muscles

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