Tense Shoulders? Try This

Tense Shoulders? Try This

Technology has changed our lives forever, unfortunately it’s changed our bodies as well! And not in a good way!! Sitting for hours each day at a computer screen has become the norm and for many people so has tight, sore, tense neck and shoulder muscles.

Having tight, sore and tense muscles sucks! It makes you grumpy, tired and not able to move through your day to your fullest potential.

Now technology is not going away, so developing your body to be capable of coping with the stress of a desk job is essential for your day to day quality of life, as well as your long term health!

So how do you do that!

The very first action you need to take is to get your posture right.


Posture is a very “unconscious” process in the body. You can not think about your posture all the time. If you try to put yourself in to a “good” postural position, you may last 30 seconds or so and then it goes.

You have to train the deep postural muscles to know what to do and then do their job without you thinking about it…and this is what the Pilates Method of exercise does!

When your posture isn’t right and you sit for long periods of time, your body gets tight, especially the lower back, neck and shoulders.

This is actually a big stress on the body…which of course, then adds to stress levels in the mind.

So it’s essential that you release this tension, either during the day or at the very least at the end of each day. (And no, having a glass of wine to do this doesn’t cut it!)

The exercise below is called a Rolldown and is a great way to release tension from the body…and mind. It will also stretch the spine and the back of the legs(hamstrings) and get the tension out of the neck area.

If you have any injuries or issues in your body, you will need to get some instruction from a Pilates Professional before attempting a rolldown,

If you haven’t done it before, just relax and breathe through the movement. You breathe out to roll down, breath in at the bottom of the movement and breathe out to roll up.

Before you begin to roll down, breathe in and shrug your shoulders up, then as you start to roll down, let your shoulders drop. Enjoy!






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