Got a Spare 60 Seconds To Keep Your Back Healthy?

Got a Spare 60 Seconds To Keep Your Back Healthy?

So when was the last time you stretched? Do you only stretch when you have been exercising? Or, maybe you don’t even do that!Everybody knows that they “should” stretch, and stretching makes your body feel good, so why don’t people do it?

So many issues and injuries could be either prevented or minimised with a daily stretch routine!

We talk a lot about the importance of strength, and in Pilates in particular, core strength, but flexibility is so important to the health, function and longevity of the body.

Stretching is a natural normal thing to do and animals do it all the time. They don’t spend hours at a time doing a stretch routine…they just stretch when their body needs it.

Because of our modern sitting lifestyle, staying flexible and mobile is even more important, and one of the biggest benefits of daily stretching is STRESS RELEASE! Now, that is something everyone can benefit from!

Hey, we get it! If you have a tight, stiff body, in the beginning stretching is not the most pleasant experience. But just like strength training, the more you do it, the easier it gets

Now, we could get very technical here about stretching programs, the types of stretching, the physiology of stretching…but really, all you need to do is to actually start stretching every day!

So the first step you need to take is to learn a short series of stretches that you can do each day…yes, you do have the time…it will only take 5 minutes!!!

Let’s start with your butt!

This is a stretch we recommend you do every morning, just sit on the side of the bed. It literally takes 60 seconds and releases any stiffness that crept in to my back overnight.



Just cross one leg over the other as above and sitting up tall, lean forward over your leg. Don’t push the leg down, just let the stretch happen naturally. And don’t forget to relax your breath!!

Even if you just do this one stretch every day, for 60 seconds, for 21 days…you’ll feel better and your spine will thank you for it! Start today!






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