How To Avoid The Back Hump

How To Avoid The Back Hump

We've met people young and old, fit and not so fit who have had issues with their spines and posture. Many of these people complain of neck and upper back pain, tension or stiffness.

We live a “sitting” lifestyle that presents big challenges for our bodies. It creates all sorts of imbalances and issues which, if left unattended, can lead to the appearance of the upper back hump, which can lead to aches and pains and a decreased quality of life.

Joseph Pilates knew that…

“I challenge any person to sit quietly and unmoving for one hour in any modern chair. The muscles become so cramped and numbed and eventually they are no longer sensitive to feeling. The position itself is a most unnatural one” Joseph Pilates 1934

Living with daily pain sucks!!!

It might surprise you to know that it takes very little effort to get rid of those aches and pains, but there is one big problem that prevents people from achieving a pain free body.


The biggest barrier for people achieving optimum health, fitness and wellness is an unwillingness to take consistent daily actions that create health and don't destroy health.

A simple example of this would be someone working at a desk for hours at a time without standing up and stretching, or without stretching before and/or at a minimum after.   

It's such a simple, preventative action that takes just 15-30 minutes each day and will contribute to the lifelong health of your spine.

The good news is that with perseverance and daily practice, you can have a healthy, strong and upright spine 

Below is a short video with a simple exercise you can do at home to avoid developing poor posture and the dreaded “back hump”. Either at the start or the end of the day, do the exercise 15 times. If you can’t manage 15 in the beginning do what you can and gradually build up the repetitions.

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