2 Pilates Exercises To Avoid The Back Hump

Every day at Pilates Plus we meet people young and old, fit and not so fit who have issues with their spines and posture. Many of these people complain of neck and upper back pain, tension or stiffness.

The “sitting” lifestyle of today is a big challenge for our bodies and creates all sorts of imbalances and issues which, if left unattended, can lead to the appearance of the upper back hump.

Joseph Pilates knew that…

“I challenge any person to sit quietly and unmoving for one hour in any modern chair. The muscles become so cramped and numbed and eventually they are no longer sensitive to feeling. The position itself is a most unnatural one” Joseph Pilates 1934

Posture is more than just the position of the spine, it involves body, mind and spirit and having an excessively rounded upper back, can have an effect on self-esteem and body confidence.

The good news is that with perseverance and daily practice, you can have a healthy, strong and upright spine 

We’ve created a couple of very short videos with two simple exercise you can do at home to avoid developing poor posture and the dreaded “back hump”

Either at the start or the end of the day, do each exercise 15 times. If you can’t manage 15, gradually build up the repetitions.

If you experience any discomfort doing these exercises, stop doing them and seek some professional advice from either your doctor or a pilates or fitness professional.




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