The Quickest Way To Improve Your Walking!

The Quickest Way To Improve Your Walking!

Do you know what happens to the entire body when you walk? Walking is the most fundamental and important movement we can master as humans.

It’s so fundamental, we take it for granted that we’ll always be capable and able to walk and perform daily activities.

Yet all sorts of injuries and issues can impact walking capability, and that’s because walking is a full body movement and not just about the feet and legs.

A geeky analysis of walking highlights how complex the walking movement is. How your foot hits the ground sets off a chain reaction in your entire body.

And what directly impacts how your foot hits the ground is your posture and core strength. It has been reported that the way Joseph Pilates assessed a person’s posture and movement capability was to watch them walk.

Although walking would be classed as moving forward, there is a tremendous amount of rotation happening. This rotation allows the body to counterbalance when one leg is off the ground and gets placed in front of your body.

Now if you have restrictions in rotation due to lack of flexibility and joint mobility and/or core strength weakness and imbalance it will have a direct impact on how your foot hits the ground and how you walk.

This might not cause any issues or injuries when you’re getting about during the day. But long term could lead to a decreased ability to walk as you age and over time put extra strain and stress on joints, particularly the ankle, knee and hip joints.

In the short term, lack of functional rotation in walking can become an issue with fitness walking.  When you go for a long walk, even just 30 minutes, your body needs to repeat the same walking action hundreds and sometimes thousands of times.

Certain muscles will compensate by over working, leading to muscle fatigue, extra stress on joints and potential overuse injuries.

A few examples of this happening would be getting a stiff and sore lower back, tight hips, sore feet, tight and sore calf muscles either during or after fitness walks.

The quickest and easiest way to improve your walking and avoid these issues is to stretch and strengthen your body’s ability to rotate.

You can learn how to do a simple twisting stretch by CLICKING HERE to head to our YouTube channel.

Remember that the best way to get any results with posture and flexibility is to do a little every day, so make sure you set aside a little time every day to work on rotation.

The pilates method of exercise is founded on developing walking capability, and not just for fitness walking, but for the duration of your life. And our mission here at Pilates Plus is to change the perception that it’s natural to lose walking capability as you get older. It’s not!!

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