Are You a Pilates Beginner?

Are You a Pilates Beginner?

Have you always wanted to try Pilates? You’ve heard about the results it gives people…core strength, flexibility, mobility, good posture and a toned “pilates body”.

But you’ve never taken any action on starting a pilates program.


Many people can feel afraid that being a pilates beginner, they won’t be able to “do” pilates. Well, this is true! You actually WON’T be able to do pilates if you have never done it before!  

Every single person who has accomplished and learnt the PILATES method of exercise started from the same place that you are right now…AS A BEGINNER!! That’s right, even Pilates Teachers were once beginners!

Look, we get it. It can be intimidating and confusing, taking that first step. But if you’re putting up with daily aches and pains, and less than optimal health and fitness, the benefits of STARTING a Pilates Program can be LIFE CHANGING!

We know this for a fact. Over the years, we’ve seen people just like you, with no pilates or even exercise experience, transform their body and mind through this incredible exercise method.

So, here are three tips to help you take that first step and make an informed decision about HOW you want to begin your PILATES JOURNEY


If you decided to learn to play the piano, you wouldn’t expect to go to a random class and attend on a casual basis and become a concert pianist. Well, the same applies with PILATES! This is an exercise method that you need to learn from expert teachers who can develop a program that meets your needs, can be adapted and changed and is PROGRESSIVE.

DECIDE what TYPE of PILATES you want to learn.

Today, there are many different types of pilates classes. The most important criteria for choosing a style of pilates to participate in is how it is being taught and who is teaching it.

But the different types of pilates classes DO cater to different needs.

If you have an injury to overcome or need a specific type of program for a specific issue or injury, then studio or semi-private classes are best.

A group mat class is a great way to learn pilates and develop an understanding of the foundations. But it’s important that you have an assessment before starting any exercise program and pilates is no different.

Find your TRIBE.

Find a Pilates studio that you feel comfortable in. This includes the actual environment and also feeling part of a like-minded community and being able to relate well with the teaching team.

Here at Pilates Plus we absolutely love beginners!! Our mission is to help as many people as we can keep healthy and fit in body, mind and spirit with the amazing Pilates method of exercise.

Still not sure where to begin?

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