Top 3 Reasons To Do Mat Pilates Online

Top 3 Reasons To Do Mat Pilates Online

2020 will go down in history as the year we ended up doing absolutely everything online, including pilates.

The mat pilates exercises were specifically developed for people to do at home, no equipment needed! So, the transition to online wasn’t a big leap away from the original philosophy that Joseph Pilates intended over 50 years ago!

But it’s the reasons below that really make ONLINE mat pilates one of the fastest growing ways to participate in a class, for all levels of fitness and experience.   

1. Convenience

One of the biggest challenges with establishing any exercise routine is how to fit it in to an already busy life. Doing online mat pilates classes at home, removes all travel time and any literal roadblocks that come from being stuck in traffic, arriving late for class or even having to miss out totally. We REALLY love the early morning classes! Roll out of bed, do your class, jump in the shower, breakfast, and you’re ready to go! No stress!

2. Comfort

You get to do your pilates class in the comfort of your own home! No special outfits needed! You get to have full control over your workout environment. How hot or cold you want the room, or you might want to do your class outdoors in the backyard or on the deck. If you’re not comfortable exercising with a group of people, you get complete privacy with no one watching you, except for your instructor of course. But you’re still not on your own and part of a supportive and motivating group.


Wow! What amazing results our clients get from doing ONLINE mat pilates! When the Pilates Plus team teach online, they are laser focused on you! There are no distractions for the teacher or you, the participant. The principle of concentration is very high, and it produces a very high quality mat pilates session which produces very high quality results. The instructors can modify and adjust exercises if needed for different participants, providing a very individual experience, allowing everyone to work to their own level of fitness and experience.

We absolutely love teaching ONLINE mat pilates!

It helps our clients develop a pilates based healthy lifestyle that isn’t locked in to being in a physical location.

Once you develop mat pilates skills, they stay with you for life and travel with you, wherever you go!

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