Improve Your Walking Routine with Pilates

Improve Your Walking Routine with Pilates

Walking is one of the most fundamental movements we do as humans. It’s how we transport ourselves from one place to another. Even if we’re travelling on some form of transport, we have to walk to get to it.

It’s such an organic movement that toddlers don’t receive instructions on how to walk…they just do it!

Many people walk for fitness, it’s convenient and is a way of getting outdoors.

And just like any other fitness activity if it’s done with poor technique it can potentially lead to injury and contribute to long term problems with joints.

So, here’s a question for you…

What’s your walking posture? Do you think about your posture when out on a walk?

Correct, aligned posture is crucial for not only preventing walking injuries, but developing an efficient walk pattern, making it easier to walk and increasing your ability to walk faster.

Pilates is a strength training method that corrects postural imbalances.

It develops core strength, flexibility, and mobility from the inside out with specific exercises that bring the body back in to its natural balance.

If you experience foot, knee, hip or lower back pain either during or after a walk, chances are your “walking posture” could do with some work.

Walking is a highly repetitive activity. You repeat the same action hundreds of times and if your feet, knees, spine or hips are out of alignment there is opportunity for those areas of your body to be impacted negatively many times.

You might not notice this every time you walk, but over time it can affect the integrity of those areas of your body and lead to either a chronic over use injury or a sudden acute injury.

Developing great core strength which includes posture, flexibility and mobility and a long, strong and healthy spine decreases the chance of this happening.

Another way pilates makes you a better walker is with the very specific breath training that is foundation to this exercise method.

It trains you to be efficient and not over breathe. It takes a lot of energy to over breathe and can lead to mouth breathing, which is not effective, and actually gets less oxygen in to your body.

Pilates truly does give you the best opportunity to not just be better at walking now, but for the rest of your life. After all, nobody wants to decrease movement capability with aging.

Pilates is health and fitness for daily life but also for the duration of your life.    

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