3 Tips To Improve Your Mat Pilates

3 Tips To Improve Your Mat Pilates

One of the positive outcomes of the current global pandemic is that MAT PILATES has become the hero of the pilates world.  

Joseph Pilates developed the original 34 exercise for people to do at home without the need for equipment. Becoming skilled and accomplished in these exercises gives you an incredible ability to stay strong and fit no matter where you are.

The key to becoming skilled in MAT PILATES is to practice until instead of DOING pilates in a class, it becomes embedded and part of how your body moves and functions each day without thinking about it.  

Apart from practicing pilates there are some actions you can take to improve your MAT PILATES, making it more enjoyable and fast tracking your results!


One of the most valuable actions you can take to not only improve your MAT PILATES performance but to also invest in your future movement capability. A stiff spine is a sure fire way to invite injury, postural imbalances and lack of mobility in to your body.

“If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.” Joseph Pilates

A flexible, mobile spine is the ultimate “anti-aging” strategy. So, a little stretching every day is a small investment in your future health and well-being.  


Focus and concentration are key components to mastering MAT PILATES. Developing the ability to fully concentrate on what your body is doing for one hour is a true accomplishment. Joseph Pilates talks about the mind and body being equal masters, this is what true mind/body movement is and where the “feeling” you get at the end of a pilates session comes from.

It’s not just about releasing tension from the body, but the mind also and why so many people practice pilates for metal as well as physical health. MAT PILATES is moving meditation!


Having excess body fat on your abdomen will not only contribute to poor health, but also to compromised movement capability, especially in MAT PILATES. One of the foundations of the “core” work in pilates is drawing the deep stabilising abdominal muscles in towards the spine. If you have excess belly fat, your ability to do this will be very limited, which will lead to limited mobility and flexibility of the spine.

The MAT PILATES exercises are the foundation of the pilates philosophy on healthy living with the ultimate goal of health and happiness for daily life and the duration of your life!  

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