Pilates At Home - 3 Tips

Pilates At Home - 3 Tips

So here we are in a point in time where staying fit and healthy has NEVER been more important.

Body, mind and spirit health now have equal importance.

The amazing pilates method of exercise that Joseph Pilates developed over 100 years ago, is NOT just a bunch of exercises for your body.

It’s a way of life that has a FOUNDATION of balance and health in body, mind and spirit with the purpose of living a happy and purposeful life for the duration of your life.

The pilates mat exercises were developed specifically by Joseph Pilates for EVERYONE to be able to develop a balanced body and mind without having to leave home! Again, way ahead of his time.

Here are 3 tips to successfully start practicing pilates at home and get RESULTS.


Set up your home workout space and create the right environment to not only move your body, but CALM your mind. Soft music, light a candle, put a DO NOT DISTRUB sign on the door!! If you can, and weather permits, set yourself up outside. A foundation philosophy of the pilates lifestyle is getting outdoors as much as you can to re invigorate the spirit.


It’s not about the equipment!! Don’t get hung up on needing a lot of equipment to GET RESULTS with mat pilates at home. The foundation of the pilates method of exercise is a WAY OF MOVING your body and it doesn’t matter if that’s with or without equipment. Keep what you do very simple and practice mastering the breath, precision and concentration that are the foundation of this marvelous exercise method.    


Don’t do pilates, learn pilates. There is a big difference between DOING an exercise and LEARNING the purpose of the exercise. Pilates is purposeful movement and the benefits and RESULTS come from understanding why you’re doing a movement and how your body interprets that movement.

The Pilates Plus team are committed to keeping people healthy in body, mind and spirit and helping you navigate this challenging time and actually IMPROVE your health, fitness and core strength with expert and experienced teachers, providing online pilates programs and classes.

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