Pilates and Your Health

Pilates and Your Health

Joseph Pilates was right.

In 1934, that’s heading in to nearly 90 years ago, he wrote a little book with the title YOUR HEALTH.

The intention of the book was to introduce the world to a new revolutionary approach to having optimal health, fitness, wellbeing for body, mind and spirit and ultimately happiness.

He was outraged at the lack of quality education on how to attain and maintain health for daily life but also for the duration of your life.

He understood that we had come to accept being in optimal health and fitness as the exception and being unhealthy as the norm, and he wanted to change that.

He was a humanitarian and wanted to impact the world through health and his method of attaining physical fitness. And here at Pilates Plus, we do too!

So, here’s the question…

Does your lifestyle and the choices you make on a daily basis contribute to and BUILD your health? Or do they contribute to the DESTRUCTION of your health?

The philosophy behind the pilates method is to educate each individual on what they need to do to be healthy and fit for the duration of your life and take responsibility for your own physical condition. Joseph believed it was our DUTY to attain and maintain it and be capable of enjoying life to its fullest extent.

The pilates exercise method is certainly the FOUNDATION of this philosophy, creating structural integrity in the body by correcting posture and developing core strength, creating a calm mental state and bringing you back to how your body was built to move.

But the pilates philosophy on health also includes being pro active and not reactive to health.

So, here’s the next question…

Do you wait for something to go wrong in your mind, body, spirit before taking action? Or are you aware of what you need to do and DO IT on a daily basis?

Daily stretching, good quality sleep, high quality nutrition, drinking water, managing stress, getting outdoors, being in nature, having a calm mind, having fun, social interaction are all part of the pilates approach to health.  

We are exposed to so much talk and information on health, yet the world is still experiencing a major health crisis. This hasn’t changed from 90 years ago when Joseph wrote his book.  

Here at Pilates Plus, we don’t just provide pilates programs and classes, we truly BELIEVE in Joseph Pilates philosophy on health, with a mission of helping people reap the benefits of physical wellbeing, mental calm and spiritual peace.

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