Core Strength V Core Stability

Core Strength V Core Stability

Did you know that core strength and core stability are not the same?

The term “core strength” is well known and most people who participate in pilates classes do so to “strengthen their core”.

And there is no doubt that the pilates method of exercise will develop a strong core, but what can sometimes get overlooked is core stability.

So what is the difference?

Core stability is posture and core strength is movement.

The word posture relates to the position that your body is in at any given time, without you thinking about it because posture is not a conscious “thing” that you do.

If you have great core stability, all the joints in your body including your spine and pelvis are in a functional and healthy position. Most people refer to this as “good posture”.

Posture really isn’t good or bad, it just is!

Core strength is what moves your spine, pelvis and ultimately ALL of your body.

Now you can get core strong without having core stability and the reverse can also happen.

If you just have stability, your posture might be functional and aligned, but you might struggle to move your body with power and effectiveness.

Or you might be core strong and constantly have back pain or keep on getting injured.

You need both.

Pilates is the only exercise method that develops both core stability and strength at the same time.

When you first start learning pilates, the focus is on core stability and correcting any postural imbalances. The muscles that keep your core stable take some time to learn about and develop, but the benefits of doing this can be life changing.

Once you start to develop some stability, the focus shifts to developing strength in the muscles that move you with stability and postural alignment as its base.

And how much core strength and stability do you need?

Enough to be capable of performing your daily tasks without pain, with energy and vitality and a high quality of life, for the duration of your life!

And the longer you train your body in this way, the better your movement capability will become as you get older…not the reverse.

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