Motivation v Commitment

Motivation v Commitment

Health, fitness and wellness has never been more critical than right now.

How motivated are YOU to create bullet proof health, fitness and wellness?

Maybe you are, but don’t make the mistake of confusing motivation with commitment, they are completely different and to succeed in achieving a “bullet proof” body, commitment is the most important of the two.

There is a massive misunderstanding that you get motivated and commit to improving your health and fitness.

But people who succeed at achieving their goals commit to a healthy lifestyle for the duration of their life in full knowledge and awareness that motivation is a roller coaster and goes up and goes down.

The mistake some people make is to believe that when they have high motivation, the commitment automatically happens…it doesn’t!!

That’s why people fail at sustaining their health and fitness goals. As soon as there’s a motivation dip, which WILL happen, it’s game over.

That’s when all the excuses start to come in to play.  

They don’t realise that you have to make a conscious decision to stick with the plan to live healthy, no matter what gets thrown at you, including a global health crisis!

Fit and healthy people are not always motivated to do their exercise program or to eat healthy. But they do it regardless of how they feel because their commitment is stronger than their motivation.

Read that again…

Their commitment is STRONGER than their motivation!

They have a “lifetime” mindset and understand that small daily actions create a lifetime of health, vitality, movement capability and a very high quality of daily life.

And that is the ultimate goal.  

You have your body for life…not for 12 weeks, or 12 months. Don’t be in a hurry to “get fit”, just be fit, be healthy, this is what Joseph Pilates calls normal health and it’s your birthright.

Once you’ve achieved a great level of health, fitness and wellness, it’s easy to maintain.

Small commitments everyday lead to big lifetime achievements.  

So, if you are highly motivated right now, that’s great, enjoy the ride. But don’t expect it to last, it won’t.

Commit, stick with the plan and the rewards will be worth it!

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